Interior Decorating Short Course Breakdown

This following course provides a solid foundation for anyone who would like to pursue a career in the Interior Decorating industry. Sign up with us today!

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

This Interior Decorating short course is packed with subjects to lay a good foundation. Want to know what subject forms part of this short course?

Subject Description
Introduction to Business English No business is complete without professional communication. That's the reason English language skills are important to have in almost every industry. We offer Introduction to Business English as a subject to all our students. After completion you will be more confident in your speaking and writing ability.
Decorating Principles and Elements This goes deeper into the basics of decorating principles and elements such as shapes, colours, balance scale, proportions. You’ll also be introduced to other elements such as space, harmony, pattern, texture and rhythm.
Upholstery and Window Treatments With upholstery, you’ll get to learn how it was developed and what furniture pieces are worth reupholstering. And with window treatments you’ll learn which types are there, where do you start and which windows are suitable for treatments as well as the effect of sunlight on window treatments.
Basics of Interior Decorating Here you’ll learn the fundamentals of what goes into interior decorating. Understanding colour pattern, lighting, wall finishes, ceilings, friezes, cornices and ceiling roses, floor finishes and finishing touches.

Study Upgrade

This is an entry level course into Interior Decorating. If you are looking for a more comprehensive course look at our Interior Decorating Comprehensive Course.