ICB National Diploma Financial Accounting

ICB National Diploma: Public Sector Accounting course is the most advanced public sector accounting course that the ICB has to offer. It is a nationally recognised.

Course Summary

Award type:
ICB National Diploma
Accredited by:
36 Months
Entrance Requirement:
Diploma: Public Sector Accounting


Improve your English language skills with Introduction to Business English. This subject will make you more confident in your English speaking and writing abilities. Language is an important skill to have when writing emails and communicating with clients.

This subject forms the foundation of your accounting knowledge. It teaches you how to prepare books of account from source documents and ledgers, as well as trial balance and bank and creditors reconciliations.

Learn all about business and accounting laws that govern accounting. This subject will teach you about the written and unspoken laws of accounting, managing personal finances and different accounting systems.

This subject teaches you how to work in government and municipalities accounting. To promote productivity and high-quality financial statements and internal controls.

Having knowledge on computers is very important as an accounting professional. This subject will teach you how to work on Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as internet explorer and Microsoft Outlook. This subject will also teach you about general ledger, customer and supplier accounts, and how to deal with balances and journals. Also learn about processing and procedures while maintaining cash books and petty cash.

Effective business communication and numeracy is essential for any business person. This subject also focuses on written and spoken communication, as well as numeracy business tools such as fractions, decimal numbers, percentages, ratios, proportions, equations, interest rates and graphs.

Financial statements teach you how to understand the principles of drafting financial statements and also how to draft financial statements.

This subject is an introduction to Managerial Accounting. This includes controlling inventory and overhead costs, doing accounting for manufacturing enterprises, dealing with budgeting and standard costing effectively. It also deals with financial management and organisational ethics and revision.

This subject teaches you what skills and knowledge is needed to become a Public Accountant Technician.

You’ll learn how to apply the principle concepts and models to diagnose, analyse and understand the strategic management process.

The purpose of this subject is to teach you the application of management accounting. That will enable you to communicate effectively as a manager and accountant. By the end of this subject, you will be able to see the link between basic accounting practices and what a company needs.

You will get an understanding of the framework of accounting and investment property. This subject will give you the skills to use financial instruments.

With this subject you will explore accounting research. You will be given skills that will enable you to formulate research objectives, analyse and interpret findings as well as draw conclusions and make recommendations.