Business Management Office Administration: ICB Higher Certificate Breakdown

Do you have an interest in business? This accredited Business Management Office Administration: ICB Higher Certificate course will give you the necessary skills and knowledge to be a great business professional.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

To complete this course you will need to complete the subjects of the Higher Certificate: Office Administration (Certified Senior Office Administrator) course and then move onto the subjects below.

Subject Description
Introduction to Business English Improve your English language skills with Introduction to Business English. This subject will make you more confident in your English speaking and writing abilities. Language is an important skill to have when writing emails and communicating with clients.
Business Management 1 Learn how to perform your daily duties as an office admin professional. Secretaries, office administrators and receptionists are the glue that keeps a company together. This subject will help you prepare for this demanding role.
Bookkeeping to Trial Balance Financial literacy is an important skill to have. This subject serves as your introduction to the wonderful world of bookkeeping and accounting. No previous accounting experience is needed.
Business Literacy Learn the inner runnings of a business to prepare you for career advancement. Every professional requires business communication and literacy skills. Improve your communication skills.
Office and Legal Practice You will learn about legal practices that are used in business. This subject will also teach you how to apply legal practices within a business.
Business Management 2 Business Management 2 aims to build on the foundation of business management 1. With this subject you will gain more knowledge on how to manage a business.
Marketing Management and Public Relations This subject will show you how Marketing Management and Public Relations work together in a business. You will also learn about the functions and roles at each component plays in a business.
Financial Statements You will learn about year end procedures as well as profit and loss accounts. This subject will give you a look into financial statements with calculations, ratios and recordings.
Human Resources Management and Labor Relations With this course you will learn how to excel in the Human Resources department of a business. You get an understanding of labour fundamentals in South Africa.

Study Upgrade

Completing this course will make you one step away from your Business Management Certificate. Continue onto the next level and have all your hard work pay off.