Human Resource Management Short Course Breakdown

Get an introduction into human resource management with this short course. Learn more about the subjects that form part of this course and more right here.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

Interested in learning more about the subjects that make up this Human Resource Management short course? Take a look at the breakdown below.

Subject Description
Introduction to Business English English language skills are important to have in almost every industry. That’s why we offer Introduction to Business English as a subject to all our students. After completion you will be more confident in your speaking and writing ability. This is important as a big part of your job as a HR Manager will involve speaking to various people and drafting paperwork.
Organisational Communication This subject teaches you the basics of communication related to subjects such as leadership and motivation. You will also learn about technology in the workplace, stress, power politics and diversity. As an HR manager, you need to be able to work with different types of people. This allows your company to operate successfully.
Organisational Skills Learn how to manage different types of information (written, oral, electronic), effective time management and organising. This subject also equips you with methods to increase productivity, and how to organise ideas within a team. These are key skills to have for any HR professional who wants to be efficient and successful.

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