Guest House Management Short Course: Breakdown

Would you like to manage a guest house? With this Guest House Management Short Course you will learn all you need to in just 4 months. Below is a breakdown of the course structure.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

Interested to know what you will be learning in this Guest House Management Short course? Below you will find a detailed breakdown of all your subjects.

Subject Description
Introduction to Business English This subject will teach you how to communicate within a business environment. You learn how to use non-verbal communication, business writing and how to speak and listen while using business communication skills.
Face-to-Face Communication With this subject you will learn about the importance of face-to-face communication, how to choose your words carefully and how to be aware of your voice, especially when communicating with customers.
Introduction to Guest House Management Here you will get an inside view of guesthouse management, you will learn about market research and how to analyze your research.

Study Upgrade

When you have completed this course you can move onto the Guest House Management Certificate Course and the Guest House Comprehensive Course and gain even more knowledge and skills  about this profession.