Guest House Management Comprehensive Course Breakdown

If you dream of running a guest house, this course is just what you need. This Guest House Management Comprehensive Course will give you the tools to be successful.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

Interested in knowing what subject you will do in this Guest House Management Comprehensive Course? Below you will find a detailed list of all subjects.

Subject Description
Introduction to Business English This subject will teach you how to communicate within a business environment. You learn how to use non-verbal communication, business writing and how to speak and listen while using business communication skills.
Face-to-Face Communication This subject will teach you to be aware of your physical appearance, the advantages to face-to-face communication, how to phrase your words in a business context. You will also learn how to improve your listening skills and you will gain valuable tips to follow from afar. These skills will be valuable when communicating with customers.
Introduction to Guest House Management Here you will get an inside view of guesthouse management, you will learn about market research and how to analyze your research.Along with this you will also look at researching your target market and your personal situation.
Customer Care in the Guest House This subject mainly focuses on giving you skills to give great customer service. You will learn about dealing with reservation enquiries, health and hygiene in the kitchen and other guest services.
First Aid concepts First-Aid is very important. So in this subject you will learn about the appropriate First Aid procedures, elementary human anatomical structures and the medical-legal implications and principles of First Aid.
The Business of Guest House Management In this subject you will look at how to draw up a business plan and what makes a good business plan. You will also look into other things you will need in order to run a guest house. This includes tax considerations,the labour relations act and licenses and permits.
Starting and Owning your Guest House With this subject you will learn about key factors needed to own a guest house. These factors include Service areas, the layout of your guest house, the human resources (staff) function and the financial function.

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Now that you have the knowledge and skills you need to be a professional guest house manager, you can venture off into the career of your dreams.