Google Sketch-Up Short Course Breakdown

Want to do our Google Sketch-Up Short Course? Here’s what you can expect

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

Keen to know what you can expect from our Google Sketch-Up Short Course? Here’s what you can will learn:

Subject Description
Introduction to Business English Become more confident in your English language ability. Business English is not the same as everyday English. This subject teaches you how to speak in a professional manner. You will learn how to write emails, business letters, and how to communicate with your colleagues.
Introduction to Google Sketch-Up In this subject you will learn to master basic skills on Google Sketch-up like creating 3D buildings complete with doors, windows, stairs and interior components. This course lays the foundation and will help you master these skills at your own pace.
Building a Portfolio Using Google Sketch-Up Learn how to build a portfolio using Google-SketchUp. Navigate the tools to build your own 3D models and more. These skills are sure to improve your career opportunities and put you an edge above the rest.

Study Upgrade

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