General Management: Comprehensive Course Breakdown

This is the last level of General Management Programme. Our General Management: Comprehensive Course will teach you all there is to know about leading a team.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

Enhance your leadership skills with out General Management: Comprehensive Course. Here’s what you can learn:

Subject Description
Introduction to Business English Become more confident in your English language ability. Business English is not the same as everyday English. This subject teaches you how to speak in a professional manner. You will learn how to write emails, business letters, and how to communicate with your colleagues.
Cross-Cultural Business Communication Workplaces are diverse and beautiful. Learn more about the differences in communication across cultures, how to overcome barriers, as well as how to handle cross-cultural business situations. You will also learn more about workplace culture.
Business Ethics As a Legal Secretary you will need excellent communication skills. Learn more about basic communication principles and social interactions. After completing this course you will have sound knowledge of meeting procedures, how to build relationships, language usage and more.
Business Finance Knowledge in Business Finance is an essential skill to have as a business manager. Learn how to manage your business finances. You will be introduced to key concepts like different risk factors, the changing value of money, and uneven cash flows. This subject also teaches you to understand bonds and stock.
Risk Management Every business needs to prepare for risks. This subject makes sure you’re equipped with the knowledge to help you prepare for risks. You will learn how to assess, identify and control risks with this subject.
Conflict Management Conflict will arise but we will help you prepare for them. This subject will teach you how to identify problem areas, and how to fix them. You will also learn how to plan and implement ways to prevent it from happening again.
Strategic Decision Making Make decisions like the leader you were born to be. With this subject you will become more confident in your decision-making abilities. Learn how to assess your different options and choose the one best suited for your company. You will also gain negotiating skills.

Study Upgrade

This is the last level of our General Management Courses. But your studies doesn’t have to end here. Have a look at our other courses to learn more.