General Management: Comprehensive Course

Our General Management: Comprehensive Certificate Course will give you a very high level of skill in this field. Enrol with us today and enhance your skills.

Course Summary

Award type:
Comprehensive Certificate
Accredited by:
Not Applicable
12 Months
Entrance Requirement:


Everyday English language is not the same as business English. In businesses, people tend to communicate in a different way. This courses teaches you how to communicate in a professional manner

Teaches you the basics of workplace culture, the differences in communication across cultures, how to overcome barriers, how to handle cross-cultural business situations and address cross-cultural issues.

Learn how to run your business ethically by understanding what ethical decision making and managing involve and how to identify and handle unethical behaviour.

Learn business finance concepts such as different types of risk, the changing value of money, even and uneven cash flows and understanding bonds and stock.

Teaches you how to define, assess, manage and control risks within the marketing of a business.

Learn how to identify and explore conflict areas within your workplace in order to plan and implement resolutions for change and also assess changes to ensure follow through.

Teaches you how to prepare for decision making, the different options you can take and assessing the results of your decisions and also how to negotiate and make decisions within a group.