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Want to know what you will learn with our Forensic Science Biology Course? Here is a breakdown of each subject you need to complete to pass this course: 

Subject Description
Forensic Science Biology Course English is the language of business used in South Africa. Improve your abilities to become more confident in your job. Learn how to read effectively, write business letters or emails, and improve your overall communication skills. After completion, you will be more confident in your English speaking abilities.
Handling Stress Studying in the direction of forensics will ultimately lead to you joining an industry that is fast paced and stressful. You will have tons of responsibilities on your shoulders. This subject will teach you healthy coping mechanisms to deal with the stressors of the job.
Problem-Solving and Statistical Methods This subject will teach you different approaches to tackle problems more effectively. You will also learn the important role statistics play in evaluating problems. Use these skills to find the best solution for problems that may arise.
Laboratory Quality Learn more about the accuracy, reliability and timeliness of reported test results. You will learn about the importance of accurate results and the reliability of reporting results and how useful these are in a clinical and public health setting.
Criminal Justice In this course you will learn about issues and theories related to crime, law and judicial administration. Learn all about how criminals are processed and the rehabilitation of offenders.
Preserving Evidence From crime scene to forensic laboratory to courtroom, all evidence must be identified, inventoried and secured to preserve its integrity. This subject teaches you how to preserve evidence.
Ethical Considerations Ethical Considerations are an important part of doing research. This subject will teach you about informed consent, confidentiality, anonymity and much more.
Fields in Forensic Science Due to the highly complex field of forensic science, forensic scientists are most often skilled in a particular area of forensic science, such as latent prints, questioned documents, trace evidence, or firearms, just to name a few. In this subject you will learn about the major groups in forensic science.
Forensic Science (Biology) Forensic biology is the application of biology to associate a person whether they are a victim or suspect to a location, item or another person. They do so by inspecting crime scenes for potential evidence in the form of DNA, blood, hair, saliva, and more.

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