Crèche Management Comprehensive Course Breakdown

Further your skills and knowledge with the final level of this Creche Management Programme. Find the information you need with this course breakdown.

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Subject Outcomes

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Subject Description
Introduction to Business English English language skills are important to have in the Child and Educare industry. That’s why we offer Introduction to Business English as a subject to all our students. After completion you will be more confident in your speaking and writing abilities. As a crèche manager, a big part of your job will consist of keeping parents informed about their kids both verbally and in writing.
Face-to-Face Communication This subject will teach you to understand the impact of face-to-face contact, and to familiarise yourself with people’s behaviours and to use it to your advantage. Practice your non-verbal skills while improving your verbal skills to get your message across. Adapt these skills to function cross-culturally. This is especially important when it comes to interacting with parents as well as colleagues and other visitors.
The Field of Crèche Management and Human Resources This subject covers the administrative duties you will need to perform as a crèche manager or owner. It teaches you about managing staff and the law that surrounds crèche management. Learn how to manage records accordingly and how to act as a mediator should any conflicts come up.
Customer Satisfaction You will be in the service industry and Customer Satisfaction will teach you how to keep parents happy. Learn how to deal with difficult customers, solve problems, and build relationships. It's important to pay attention to parent recommendations and suggestions. This can help you retain your current client base and get new ones from referrals.
First-Aid Concepts Children often injure themselves as they are exploring new things. As a crèche manager, accidents may occur while a child is in your care. Make sure you know the basics to help save a life and relieve their pain. It's also important to have a fully stocked first aid kit in case of any emergencies.
Time Management This is an essential skill to have, no matter your profession. Organise your time and learn how to create daily schedules to make sure you meet deadlines. This subject will help you when you need to create a learning plan. As a crèche manager, you have many things to do. Proper time management is important in ensuring that all your tasks get done on time.
Quality Child Care and Starting Your Own Crèche Starting your own crèche isn't exactly a walk in the park. There are many aspects which need to be covered. Learn what it takes to become a successful crèche manager and what your role is. This subject will teach you how to manage the learning environment in a creche, financial management, and how to keep your crèche organised.

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