Corporate Investigations Investigative Auditing Certificate Breakdown

Get your Corporate Investigations Investigative Auditing Certificate with us and be able to investigate company’s financial statuses.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

Interested in knowing what you will learn with this course? Below is what you should expect to learn and understand at the end of your course:

Subject Description
Introduction to Business English This subject is designed for students who are either at an early stage in their careers or students who have not yet started working. The aim of the course is to give you a good general knowledge and understanding of the use of English in business situations.
Incident Scenes Incident Scene module will teach you how to conduct an initial investigation and enable them to interview suspects, witnesses, and complainants found at the incident or crime scene. It will also teach you how to take down statements and keep records of information obtained.
Empowerment Unit standard based – can be upgraded
Identification Identification is probably the most important method in forensic investigation. An investigator must have the ability, when listening to the victim to identify the crime and when visiting the scene to identify clues and physical evidence which could be used to solve the crime under investigation.
Criminal procedure  In this subject you will learn about the country’s criminal law and its processes.You will learn how to determine whether or not a company's process is against the law or complying with it and what steps to take should it be non compliant.
Corporate Investigations Investigative Auditing The purpose of this module is to teach skills in writing reports on fraud, how to use the professional and academic conventions and formats appropriately.
Investigative Sciences Introduction Bridging subject, compulsory for distance learning students (Not credit-bearing)
Forensic Science Introduction Bridging subject, compulsory for distance learning students (Not credit-bearing)
Mathematics and Statistics Introduction Introductory Mathematics and Statistics aims to provide you with necessary mathematical and statistical skills that you need to be able to carry out any form of investigation.

Study Upgrade

On completion of this course, you can enrol in any of our other investigation courses and policing.