CIMA Strategic Level Course Breakdown

Are you interested in being a business professional? With only 3 tests and 1 case study you will complete this CIMA Strategic Level Course and be a business professional in no time.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

To know exactly what you will be working through in these courses, take a look at the subjects below.

Subject Description
Risk Management With this subject you will learn how to identify, evaluate and manage business risks. You will also learn how internal controls can be used effectively in the risk management process.
Strategic Management In Strategic Management you will learn how strategy is implemented, how implementation objectives are achieved and how change is implemented.
Financial Strategy With this subject you will learn about financial objectives and policy options. You will also go through financial risks, sources of long term funds and financial policy decisions.
Strategic Level Case Study This case study aims to test you on all the knowledge and technique that you have learnt throughout.

Study Upgrade

Now that you have completed your course, you will go on to complete your practical experience portion of the course.