Child Day Care: Short Course Certificate Breakdown

Learn the basics to help you take care of little ones with the Child Day Care: Short Course Certificate. This short course consists of 2 subjects.

What you need to know

Subject Outcomes

Get a basic understanding of caring for little ones. This course serves as an introductory course and consists of two courses you need to complete. Here’s what you will learn:

Subject Description
Educare Didactics This subject equips you with the foundational principles and philosophies of childcare. You'll learn about the importance of early childhood education, explore best practices for creating a safe and nurturing environment, and develop effective communication skills to interact positively with both children and parents.
Management in Early Childhood Development 101 This combined course provides a comprehensive foundation for working with young children in a daycare setting. Educare Didactics covers the core principles of childcare, while Early Childhood Dev 101 dives deep into understanding a child's development stages from birth to preschool. This combined knowledge will allow you to create a stimulating environment and promote healthy development in children.

Study Upgrade

Why stop here when you can continue your studies? Further your education and enrol for a Child Day Care: Certificate Course.