Pretoria Colleges

Do you live in the province of Pretoria? Would you like to further your studies or perhaps learn a new skill? Pretoria Colleges can help you do just that.

Are There Colleges in Pretoria? 

There are over 20 great colleges in Pretoria. So if you are looking for a college to study from you won’t have any problems. Decide on what you want out of your college experience for both your education and career. Explore the colleges in Pretoria.

What Types of Colleges are There in Pretoria?

Pretoria is a province that has more to offer than just beautiful flowers and plants. There are great institutions that can help you further your education.  Take a look at your options below. 

Art Colleges

There are colleges that are dedicated to the arts. You can explore your creative side by enrolling into a college for the arts. Learn about the rich history and passion of the great artists that have flourished from the roots of  South Africa. 

Business Colleges 

Do you have a mind for business? Or perhaps you’d like to learn more about different parts of the business world. There are specific colleges that make their main focus business. Offering courses that aim to give you the knowledge you need to tackle the corporate world of business.  

FET Colleges 

Are over studying pages and pages out of textbooks? Guess what? With a FET College, you mainly focus on practical work. That’s right, FET Colleges understand that everyone learns in different ways, therefore they offer a different approach to learning.  

TVET Colleges

Looking forward to having a sustainable job one day? TVET College gives you vocational training. This means that you will do courses that are skills – focused, education and training. 

Distance Learning Colleges 

Distance Learning Colleges are available all around Pretoria. You get to study from the comfort of your own home. This method of studying makes it possible to have a job, handle family responsibilities and receive an education. 

A student studying her Pretoria college courses

How to Choose a College

Choosing the right college can place a lot of pressure on your shoulders. The list below aims to help you navigate into making the best choice. Remember, it’s not all about the course a college has, it’s about what a college has to offer you. 

  • What courses are offered 
  • Look at the entry requirements 
  • How you will receive educational help 
  • Will the college go the extra mile for you

What Makes Skills Academy Different?  

Skills Academy is an accredited distance learning institution. Here each of our students are put first. Along with a great variety of courses for different careers. We also offer our students many benefits which set us apart from other institutions. Click here and have a look at why we are the best option for you. 

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