Popular Careers in 2021

Take your pick from one of the many Popular Careers in 2021. With a diverse range of industries to choose from, you’ll have a successful career in no time.

Want to have a job that will offer job security and financial stability? If yes, then look no further. Learn more about Popular Careers in 2021 and bag yourself a successful career this year. 

Popular Careers in 2021

You may be wondering, “what makes a job popular?”. Well,  it can depend on a range of factors. These include a demand for the skill, current affairs and technological advancements. Popular careers in 2021 are in these sectors:

IT Careers

As we move forward into the digital world, IT jobs have become a crucial part in every business. Having a career in IT will offer many job opportunities with a handsome salary. Popular jobs in IT includes:

Accounting Careers

This career has stood the test of time, and with good reason. Their skills allow businesses to make decisions and cement the future of a company. And with the strained economy in South Africa due to Covid-19, financial experts are in need. Popular jobs in accounting include:

Healthcare Careers

Healthcare professionals have always been in-demand. But due to Covid-19, these frontline workers have become the heroes in our society. You can have a successful career while making the world a better place, one step at a time. Popular healthcare jobs in 2021 are:

  • Registered nurse
  • Personal home care aide
  • Physical therapist
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Engineering Careers

In an ever-changing world, we need professionals who can put ideas into action. That is exactly what an engineering career can do. From tech developments and infrastructure, engineers are needed across many sectors. Popular engineering jobs include:

  • Electrical engineer
  • Mechatronic technician
  • Toolmaker

Digital Marketing Careers

Digital marketing has taken the world by storm, and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Companies are taking advantage of all the digital spaces. That can help them get clients, customers, and sell their services online. Popular digital marketing careers include:  

  • Digital marketer
  • Graphic designer
  • Content creator


The demand for professionals in education has always been high. With a concern on the decline of teachers in South Africa, these careers are in-demand. Being a teacher offers growth and a stable career, while shaping the minds of our future leaders. The importance of this job will stretch way beyond 2021. Get a headstart and gain the qualification you need to dive into this career.

Make 2021 the Start of Your Successful Career

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Last Updated: 20 June 2022