Photograph Studies

Photographers Help capture and Inspire the world with their Eyes and Imagination. Skills Academy mainly offers 3 types of Photograph Courses. All Designed to help express your artistic traits.

Skills Academy offers the following range of Photograph Studies:

Digital Photography Short Course

A Short Photography Course that only consist of 3 Subjects. This Course can be completed within a 4 month period.

Advanced Certificate in Digital Photography

This is a more Advance Course that teaches you a bit more advance techniques as well as a few Business Fundamentals for working on your own.

Certificate in Digital Photography

A full 8 month Course that covers all the fundamentals of Digital Photography. This Course only requires Grade 10 as entrance Criteria.


Photography has developed a lot during the past decade. With the technology that is evolving at the speed of light, film camera’s has become old fashioned and very expensive to work with. Thus, like most things, photography has become digitalised.

Photograph studies has become quite popular and photographers are well paid if they work hard. There are many different types of photography namely:

  • Wedding Photography
  • Event or Nightlife Photography
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Pet Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Aerial Photography
  • Sport or Action Photography
  • Astro Photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Travel Photography
  • Underwater photography

There are many other types of photography and career opportunities for the creative thinkers. Photography is also essential in the marketing industry as people use fewer words and more photos or pictures in advertisements, brochures and even magazines.

Photograph Studies

Last updated: December 12th 2017


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