Photography Studies

Photographers capture moments in time through the science of light and the artistry of their creative minds. Skills Academy offers 3 types of Photography Studies; all designed to help improve your knowledge and skills in Photography.

 Skills Academy Offers The Following Photography Courses:


Digital Photography Courses

Digital Photography Short Course

A Short Photography Course that only consist of 3 Subjects. This Course can be completed within a 4 month period.  

Advanced Certificate in Digital Photography

This is a more Advance Course that teaches you a bit more advance techniques as well as a few Business Fundamentals for working on your own.

Certificate in Digital Photography

A full 8 month Course that covers all the fundamentals of Digital Photography. This Course only requires    Grade 10 as entrance Criteria.

What Are These Courses About?

As much a science as it is an art-form

You capture the energy and emotion of people, nature, buildings landscapes in skillfully and beautifully captured frozen moments in time.

Photography is the science and art of capturing light.

In order to be a good photographer, you need to understand the science and craft of photography, once you have that down then you can get creative and artistic with that skill.

These courses will provide you with the scientific principles needed to have full control over your camera.

Is This The Right Course For Me?

Here are the skills and traits needed to succeed in Photography:

You’re Ambitious

The best photographers aim high and actively seek out and grasp any opportunities that may arise.

You’re Business Minded

Yes, most photographers have a deep love and passion for photography. But that alone won’t put food on the table. You have to be Business savvy and know how to work with finances as this your living after all.

You’re Familiar With Legal Documents

You should be familiar with contracts, copyright laws, and other legal issues.

You Have People Skills

You have to be able to communicate successfully with clients and editors.

You’re Able To Market Yourself

In order to find new clients, you have to put yourself out there. You have to have things like a website, social media presence, and a portfolio that shows your best work.

Photography Studies

Skills Academy: Photography Studies

Where Can One Work In Photography ?

You could be doing photography for people, pets, landscapes, food and much more. A really exciting and diverse career to go into.  

Photography studies have become quite popular and photographers are well paid if they work hard. There are many different types of photography like:

  • Wedding Photography
  • Landscape Photography
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Sport or Action Photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Travel Photography

There are many other types of photography and career opportunities for the creative thinkers. Photography is also essential in the marketing industry as people use fewer words and more photos or pictures in advertisements, brochures, and even magazines.

Photogrpahy Studies

Skills Academy: Photography Studies

How Can I get Started?

1.Your journey to Education in the beautiful world of photography is only an Online Registration Form
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Written By: Robin Louw

Last Updated: May 4, 2018

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