Our Students Complete Their Courses and Pass

Would you like to know how Our Students Complete their Courses and Pass? If yes, read the article below. Here you will find out how Skills Academy goes the extra mile to help their students.

What is Skills Academy?

Skills Academy is a distance learning institution and we help our students complete their courses and pass. The institution has the aim of giving everyone in South Africa, access to a quality education. With a fantastic team of lecturers, tutors and support staff, we strive to change the lives of many students everyday.

How do our Students Complete Their Courses and Pass?

In order for an institution to be successful they have to be doing something right. Once you join Skills Academy, you will notice that we give our students everything they need to succeed. From online study groups to study readiness tests we have it all. 

Study Readiness Test

The first step to studying is knowing if you are ready to start the journey. On our website we have a study readiness test that you can take. This test will take you less than 3 minutes to do and your results will be in. The aim of the test is to help you know if you want to take on a course full time or part time. 

Online Study Groups 

You are not alone. We provide all our students access to our online study groups. This allows you to interact with students all over South Africa. There are qualified tutors in every study group to help guide you, regardless of your questions. Our Students Complete Their Studies and Pass from home and so can you


Student Study Tips

You might think that because you chose to further your education, you won’t have help. The Skills Academy team aims to help you till you have your qualification. All our students are given great study tips and tricks to help understand their work.  You can even help out fellow students by submitting your own study tips to our website. 

Pay as you Learn

That’s right! You only play for the months you spend studying. Finances can play a major role in the success of your studies. This policy goes hand -in-hand with our Study at your own pace policy. 

Easy to Access Student Portal 

You will find that technology plays a huge role in your studies. This is especially important with distance learning as it is the key to communicating with fellow students, lecturers and submitting assignments. Our marketing and IT department always ensures that our students can get in touch with us and that our website is easy to navigate. 

You Choose Your Environment 

A great benefit of distance learning is being able to study in an environment where you feel comfortable. All students learn differently. So if you want to study in your room, garden or even at the beach you can. 

Student Testimonials 

So what makes Skills Academy so great? Want to know how our students feel? No problem, here are a few of our student testimonials that will give you a bit more insight into how we can help you complete and pass your course. 

“The registration is super easy and speedy! You don’t wait long to get a response, they are really very helpful and the service is friendly.”

Gavin Filander

“Skills Academy is really good at giving advice and finding a way to help their students. My course will boost my career, and I shall recommend them to anyone that wants to study.”

Daniel Mugaviri

“Skills Academy will be the best bet. You get support from tutors and even staff throughout your course, whether it be by a phone call or email. You study at your own pace and can even pause your studies for a while if you should go through troubled waters.

This institution is highly recommended by me, a wife and mother of a very busy toddler who just graduated from Skills Academy last week!”

Megan Chevon Flemmit

For more of our student testimonials click here

Interested in our Amazing Benefits?

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Last Updated: November 2, 2020


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