Open Enrolment in Colleges

As the year is coming to an end, students are thinking about their tertiary education. Some of their options may include open enrolment.

Open Enrolment in Colleges 

As the year is coming to an end, most students are thinking about their tertiary education. Or, maybe you took a gap year and wish to go back to school. Whatever your reasons to go back to school are, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to wait until next year to enrol for further studies. South Africa is full of colleges that take admissions throughout the year. Want to know more about open enrolment in colleges? This article has all the answers you need.

What Does Open Enrolment in Colleges Mean? 

A student using her laptop to apply for open enrolment colleges. She ahs her hair tied up in a bun, one hand is palced on her head there's also her cellphone on top of her notepad.What this means is that the admission process does not require certain pass marks. Anyone can apply. One of these colleges is Skills Academy, a distance Learning institution based in the Western Cape. You don’t have matric? We have room for you. You don’t have maths or didn’t pass your matric that well? You can make your dreams come true with us regardless. That is the basis of open enrolment in colleges.

However, some colleges may have a different policy when it comes to applying. Unlike Skills Academy, they may have set dates for applications. For example, they may accept applications only in the begging of the year or towards the end for the following academic year. So it is important to check the application process for the college you may choose.But, remember, even though they have set application dates, they still will not have particular admission requirements.

Benefits of Open Enrolment in Colleges 

Open Enrolment was created to bridge the gap of higher education. Some people just aren’t A-class academics. Others may have had problems during their high school years that made it harder for them to focus on their studies and pass with flying colors. While others simply didn’t have the opportunity to finish their high school due to either financial, sociological or health reasons. Because we, at Skills Academy, believe that everyone deserves to get an education, we opted for open enrolment. That way everyone gets a chance to study and be something.

Another benefit is that you never have to worry about running out of time to register. You can apply anytime throughout the year. That gives you enough time to properly evaluate what you want to do and find out if it is for you. This means you stand a very little chance of making the wrong decisions.

How Does it Work?

A student carrying books and a backpack looking for open enrolment collegesHow open enrolment in colleges work can be a little different depending on the college you want to apply for. Some may require you to have passed matric but with no particular accolades. For example, it does not matter if you passed it with a bachelor’s degree pass or a diploma pass. Or that you did mathematics or mathematical literacy. You will still be admitted.

With us, however, the registrations are always open throughout the year. All you have to do is:

  • Choose what course you would like to do.
  • Once you have selected your course, you may contact us via the various ways of contact we have.
  • A consultant will guide you through the easy process of application we have.
  • If you’re not sure what course is best for you, they will guide you through that too and help you make the right choice.
  • Upon registration you will get your first batch of study materials within the next 5-7 business days!

Some of the courses we offer that don’t require matric are:

Why Choose Skills Academy? 

Skills Academy will offer you an opportunity of a lifetime and that is quality education. On top of that, we have incredible benefits that you don’t get anywhere else. The application process is easy and we have online student support available at your fingertips. With us you can:

Work while you study. 

If you have a job, you can keep it and still be able to study. Alternatively, if you don’t currently have a job but want to apply for one, you can. Because we are a distance learning college, studying with us gives you plenty of time to do other things.

No travelling needed.

You will be able to set your own study hours and work at your own pace. Your couch will be your classroom, your classroom.  There’s no need for you to be stuck in traffic for hours on end travelling to school or campus. Or even having to wake in the early hours of morning to rush for work.

All these will surely offer you a peace of mind and the freedom to study what you want wherever you are in the country!

Enrol with Skills Academy Today!

Don’t let your dreams pass you by. Contact us today and speak with one of our friendly consultants.

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Last Updated: 21 June 2022



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