Online Tools to Help you With Your Course

Learn how to make studying your course an enjoyable and easy experience. Use Online Tools to Help you With Your Course and reach all your study goals.

Online tools aren’t just there to help you put your best foot forward on social media. You can also use it to help you make your studies effortless and get the best out of your course. Make learning easy by finding Online Tools to Help you With Your Course.

What are Online Tools?

Online tools are applications (apps), software and programmes you can download that serve a specific purpose. Some online tools are pre-installed on your device, like Facebook and Gmail, but you need to download most apps. There are a variety of online tools you can download. These include:

  • Social – Keep in touch with friends and  relatives through social media networks
  • Photography – Add filters, effects and stickers to create picture perfect images
  • Fitness – Stay fit by using exercise apps that keep track of your fitness goals 
  • Learning – Ace your exams and reach study goals using online learning tools

Online Tools to Help you With Your Course

Each of these online learning tools serves a different purpose. Get online tools for all your educational needs. This ensures that all your bases are covered. 

Scheduling Apps

Stay up to date with exam dates and assignments. Scheduling apps allows you to keep track of important dates, which will help you plan a well thought out study schedule.  

Grammar Checks

Stay clear of typos with digital grammar checks. Misspelled words and typos will be highlighted, showing you where you made a mistake. This is a great tool to use when proofreading assignments.

Take Notes Like Pro

Make sure you don’t hit a sour note by taking notes like a pro. Keep them organised by date, subjects and upcoming exams. Note-taking apps even allow you to make sticky notes on your desktop.

Online Study Groups

Become part of a community that shares your study goals. Online study groups allow you to share notes, and also help and support fellow students in a virtual space like Together We Pass.

Student Portals

Often overlooked, your student portal should be your go-to for everything. Your timetable and course details are all there. You also have direct contact to tutors and consultants for help. 


Don’t ever feel like you’re bothering tutors and course consultants when emailing them. Make use of this tool when you have any issues or concerns. They are always ready to help.

Man smiling while using a laptop. Reach your study goals with Online Tools to Help you With Your Course

Importance of Online Tools

In this day and age, online tools have become a great way to learn and study. Learning new knowledge and skills shouldn’t be a hassle. Online tools allow you to learn in a fun and easy way. Other benefits include: 

  • Information at your fingertips.
  • Share information with people, no matter where they live.
  • Being able to study even if you live in a remote area.
  • It’s a great study method when you work and can’t make it to class.
  • You can test yourself, fully preparing you for exams.

Things to Look out for When Using Online Tools

Not every online tool out there will help you. Some promises to offer you the world of benefits, but they are basically clickbait disguised as helpful apps. There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the best online learning tools. 

  • Get offline tools – Data and WIFI can be really expensive. Some apps only work when it is connected to the internet. Downloading offline tools is cheaper and less hassle.
  • Use free apps – Paid online tools doesn’t always mean that it’s better than the free version. You can still get the best apps that work the same, or even better than the paid version.
  • Steer clear of ads – On some apps, ads are unavoidable. However, they can be really inconvenient, with videos popping up every 30 seconds in order to perform a basic function.
  • Compatibility is key – Some apps you can only use on your phone, and others only on your laptop. It is a bonus when you have online tools that are compatible with all your devices.
  • Get the full version – Some online tools are pretty decent. However, some have functions you can unlock with the paid premium versions. Get the full version once off, for the full experience.
Young girl watching a presentation on her computer. Ace your studies using Online Tools to Help you With Your Course

Why Online Tools Become so Popular

In recent years, online tools have become popular among students and teachers alike. There are many reasons why this way of learning has gained popularity. These include:

Covid-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus brought the whole world to a stand still, forcing many students to seek other means to learn. Online study tools have been a great help to those who have been left to study on their own. To many, using online learning tools has become part of the “new normal”.

Technology is the way of the Future

We are currently living in the digital age. Technology impacts our lives, no matter how remote we are. For example, instead of using books, kids are using tablets in classrooms, with online learning tools pre-installed. Soon, these tools could become part of their daily learning. 

Allows for Self-Study

No need to rely on a teacher in front of you anymore. Now you are able to choose a learning method best suited to you. Whether you are a visual learner, or choose to have the app read your notes, you are in control of how you learn. 

Who should use Online Tools?

Not sure if online tools will be able to help you learn and study? There are hundreds of apps and tools, all with their own set of functions. Many of them aim to make studying your course as easy as possible. Online tools are great for:

Students doing online courses –  Even though you do have scheduled classes, much of your learning takes place on your own. Online tools go hand-in-hand with online courses.

Distance learning students – With no classes, and no in-person contact with tutors and students, online tools are a great option for distance learning students. It makes remote learning so much easier. 

Matriculants – Use online apps to help you pass your matric exam. Online tools will help plan your study schedule and test you on subjects you aren’t confident in.

Stay Updated With Online Tools

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Last Updated: 30 October 2020