Office Administration Courses

Office administration is often an overlooked job, but it is one of the most important ones in any business or institution. They have to make sure that everyone in the company are focused and have their set out tasks.

They prepare the meetings, deal with orders, answer telephones and deal with emails, do the cash flow, organise the filing system, and compile reports to name a few examples. They’re usually the first line of defence of any company and this is why they are extremely and important and need to know what they are doing.

To make sure that you are confident in your office administration role, the ICB Office Administration courses is definitely your best bet. Below we set out all the courses and tell you a little more of each subject you can expect.

What Accredited Office Administration Courses are Available?

What are These Courses About?

Here we have set out everything you need to know about the courses and what to expect in the different subjects.

Certificate: Office Administration

This is the first course in the ICB Office Administration programme and has an NQF level of 5. The course will take you 18 months to complete and consists of six subjects. These subjects are Bookkeeping to Trial Balance, Business Literacy, Cost and Management Accounting, Business and Office Administration 1, Marketing Management and Public Relations, Business Law and Administrative Practice.

Bookkeeping to Trial Balance

This course provides you with the foundations of accounting. The course assumes you have no knowledge or experience with accounting and teaches you the basics to be able to do bookkeeping.

Business Literacy

This is a basic course that covers communication and mathematics, making it very unique. It focuses on written and verbal communications that is effective in a business setting. It also teaches you numeracy business tools, such as percentages, interest rates, and graphs.

Cost and Management Accounting

This subject teaches you to be able to complete basic management accounts, perform in a manufacturing environment, do cost accounting, budgeting, standard costing, business ethics, and financial management to name a few.

Business and Office Administration 1

This subject teaches you the different functions of someone doing office admin. This includes the correct ways of dealing with the telephone, email, correspondence, filing, and ethics.

Marketing Management and Public Relations

This course looks at how public relations and marketing go hand-in-hand to build a company. The marketing focuses on the market and the public relations focuses on the relationships and cooperation between the company and the client/customer.

Business Law and Administrative Practice

This subject teaches you how the law affects everything. It makes South African law easy to understand as it explains everything so that anyone can understand. It covers everything from the basics to commercial laws involving contracts and litigation.

Higher Certificate: Office Administration

This is the second course in the ICB Office Administration programme and also has an NQF level of 5. The course will take you nine months to complete and consists of three subjects. These subjects are Business and Office Administration 2, HR Management and Labour Relations, and Economics.

Business and Office Administration 2

This subject continues on what you learnt in the foundation level of Business and Office Administration 1.

HR Management and Labour Relations

This is a comprehensive course that will teach you everything you need to know about the human resources department of a company. This includes the labour legislation, human rights, and labour practices in South Africa.


This subject covers how people behave and companies operate under pressures of resources and teaches you how to analyse life and to be an informed decision maker. It also develops methodical ways of thinking and problem solving. It also explains how economics work.

Diploma: Office Administration

This is the third course in the ICB Office Administration programme and has NQF level of 6. The course will take you nine months to complete and consists of three subjects. These subjects are Financial Statements, Business and Office Administration 3, and Management.

Financial Statements

This subject teaches you the basics of financial statements through ratios, recordings of depreciation, disposal of assets, general ledger, application of accounting concepts, and the preparation of the statement of cash flow.

Business and Office Administration 3

This is the advanced level of the subject and builds on everything learnt in the previous two levels.


This subject teaches you to be capable and have a vision with the ability to turn average people into high performing staff while being positive and enthusiastic. Corporate success depends on successful management. This will teach you that.

Can I Study Office Administration Through Distance Learning?

Yes you can. The ICB designed their courses in a way that it can be presented in a classroom environment or be done at home via distance learning. It all depends on the training provider you choose to study through. If you choose to study through Skills Academy you will be doing the course in your own time through distance learning.

What Careers Are Possible With This Qualification?

This qualification covers so many aspects so you have quite a few options to choose from. You will be able to be anything from a secretary, personal assistant, office administrator, or administration manager.

How Does The ICB Courses Work?

The qualifications are all broken up into 12 subjects that are examined individually. Some of these subjects overlap with other courses, which makes it easier to get two different qualifications by doing less subjects with the second course. The first order of business when choosing to study an ICB course is to sign up with the training provider of your choice, such as Skills Academy. After you registered with us you will be required to register with the ICB on their Learner Portal. You will receive a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) after you have completed this step. The PoE includes three assignments and two tests. This is to be handed in when you write your exam.

You need to sign up for the exams yourself on the ICB Learner Portal. There you can choose a date that suits you as well as a venue convenient to you. You receive your qualification once all the subjects in a course is passed. This will be awarded to you by ICB and FASSET.

Is This The Right Course For Me?

This is the perfect course for you if you are great at organising and love working where all the magic happens in a company. This course will teach you how to organise and manage confidently and with ease.

Skills Academy also offer a wide range of non-accredited office administration related courses. These are great for if you already have a job and wish to refresh some knowledge or learn some new skills. You can check them all out on the secretarial courses page.

What is Next?

If you wish to study the ICB Office Administration course, fill in the form on this page for a free callback. You can also call us toll free at 0800 39 00 27. Get the ball rolling and do it now.

Written by: Maretha Lubbe

Last updated: April 18, 2019

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