Grab your 50% off Black Friday deal!

Grab your 50% off Black Friday deal!

Study your Matric in 2024 at 50% off this Black Friday

Which Matric program should you do?

Adult Matric

Our Adult Matric program is designed for individuals (who are 21 or older) who missed the opportunity to complete their Matric during their school years. Matric empowers you to advance in your career & pursue further education.

✅  21 years or older
✅  Grade 9 (or equivalent)
✅  Ability to read & write English
✅  Ability to study from home

Matric Rewrite

Didn’t achieve the Matric results you hoped for? Our Matric Rewrite program offers a second chance to improve your marks. This program is tailored for students who have previously written their Matric exams but want to upgrade their results.

✅  Your incomplete Matric result or your final Matric results
✅  Ability to read & write English
✅  Ability to study from home

Matric Upgrade

Our Matric Upgrade program is a golden opportunity for students who wish to improve specific subject marks obtained in their final Matric exams. This program allows you to revisit and master the subjects you found challenging.

✅  Your incomplete Matric result or your final Matric results
✅  Ability to read & write English
✅  Ability to study from home

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Why should you get your Matric?

Get that job or promotion

Matric opens doors to various employment and career opportunities. It’s a minimum requirement for most jobs and is a testament to your dedication and skills.

Pursue higher education

Whether you aim for a diploma, degree, or other qualifications, Matric is the stepping stone to further studies.

Make more money

Individuals with a Matric generally have higher earning potential. Investing in your education now can lead to financial stability and independence in the future.

Make your family proud

Education is highly valued in society. Matric not only earns you respect from peers and family but also boosts your social standing and recognition.

Give yourself a competitive edge

In a competitive job market having your Matric can set you apart from other candidates. It enhances your resume and makes you a more attractive candidate.

Forge a better future for your family

Securing your Matric offers stability, financial security, and better opportunities for your family.

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