No Matric Certificate? Of Course You can Study Further

Need a list of courses for people without Matric?

With Skills Academy you can study no-matric courses from home. You can start nearly all of our courses without needed a Matric Certificate. Here is a list of our most popular courses:

No Matric? Don’t worry you are not alone.

Not everybody passes or even finishes their Matric certificate, but that does not mean that you have to give up hope. There are still options that are available to you.

What Can I study Without Matric?


Are you older than 23? Did you fail Matric? Have you just left school? Let us help you:

Choose the option that best describe you:

OR try one of our courses that do not need a Matric certificate:



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You might think that because you haven’t got a Matric that now you can’t study.  You are not alone – did you know that half of all pupils who go to school, drop out of the school system before they even get to matric. And over half the pupils who write matric, can’t go on to further studies – because of the wrong subjects, or low marks, or simply not getting a place at a college or university.

Don’t worry! There are many opportunities to study further; with Skills Academy you can still receive a quality education and achieve your career goals– even if you don’t have a Matric. Check on this great article on News24 for even more info for on why you don’t always need a Matric: What is this obsession with Matric?

Just because you have no matric does not that you can not achieve anything. There are so many people with no matric and still achieved success.You can have a great career and build up a better life for yourself by studying. This handy infographic will show you – step by step – how to grab your future. Check out this great infographic on how you can become an amazing success – even without a Matric: From Dropout to Career Success


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Pick your course and start today!

If you enjoy working with numbers, love sticking to the rules, and value integrity and honesty, or if you are already work in finance and want to improve your skills, then a bookkeeping or accounting course is the right course for you. Click Here


If you have an eye for details, are a good communicator, and are interested in running your own business, or if you want to learn new skills and learn how to run your business more effectively, then an entrepreneurship course is the right course for you. Click Here


If you are creative, and a good listener with a natural flair for design, and love making gorgeous things, or if you want to learn new beautician skills to improve your career, then a beauty course is the right course for you. Click Here


If you believe in justice, despise crime and want to make a difference to people in your community, or if you are already in the police force and want to branch out into different areas, then a policing course is the right course for you. Click Here



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Last updated: February 21, 2019


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