Does No Matric Mean No Degree?

I Want To Qualify For University

You have discovered the career of your dreams, now you need a degree to get the job, but you didn’t finish your Matric – so what now? Did you know that over 50% of people who write Matric fail? So if you do not have a Matric don’t worry you are not alone in this, if you want to apply for a degree through institutions such as UNISA, don’t worry, there is still hope for you.

Can I Study at UNISA without a Matric Certificate ? 

If you don’t meet the minimum admission requirements for the degree that you want to study, you can start with a relevant lower-level qualification, such as a higher certificate or diploma, and from there you can apply for a degree course. Work through the admission requirements for each level of qualification. Keep your eyes on the prize and determine what the exact criteria are for the course that will get you to the career of your dreams.

There are of course other options, have a look at these courses that you can without a Matric and choose one that suits your needs.

Try A Further Education And Training Course

In South Africa today there is a large gap between what skills are in demand from employers and what skills the general public has. Further Education and Training Courses were developed to address these scarce skills.

What this means is that if you have been working in a job for some time but you have managed to finish your Matric Certificate you can apply for a further education and training course. the skills you have developed over the years will be taken into consideration when you start the course. These courses can vary in duration from a short course of a few hours to formal diploma courses of three years.

Colleges offer various types of courses in industry fields such as agriculture; arts and culture; business, commerce, and management; education, training, and development; engineering, manufacturing, and technology; services; building construction and security. Find out more information on where and how to apply for a Further Education and Training Course here:

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Do You Not Have MAtric? Try a Bridging Course?

Bridging courses are short intensive courses designed for high school students who want to go to university. They are designed for students who are not confident with their preparation for university study, who do not have the right subjects for the course that they want to study, or who need to catch up on a few years of schooling. The subjects that are taught in bridging courses do not carry any credit towards your degree, but they can be useful in getting you up to standard in order to start a degree.

Students entering tertiary study without the recommended knowledge in a particular area should consider doing a bridging course. This may include students enrolling in courses such as engineering, business, nursing, architecture, traditional Chinese medicine and information technology. Find out more info on where to study a bridging course here:

Hopefully, this information inspires you to continue with your education, just by taking a few simple steps you can give yourself new opportunities and finish your education.

What Can I Study Without Matric?

can i study at unisa without matric

Last updated: February 01, 2019

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