New School Subjects in South Africa – What Does This Mean?

New School Subjects in South Africa – What Does This Mean? Explore the skills and career opportunities you will have with these new subjects. We have everything you need to know.

New School Subjects in South Africa – What Does This Mean? We are here to give you a few answers. Have a look at the 13 new subjects you can look forward to learning and what they aim to teach you. 

Purpose of New School Subjects 

The 13 new school subjects will be introduced to grade 8 and 9 learners. These subjects aim to give school-leavers workplace skills. Students who may not complete their matric will especially benefit from these subjects.

New School Subjects in South Africa  

Are you going to grade 8 or 9? You can now look forward to 13 new subjects. Each subject aims to give you skills that will allow you to become part of the workforce. Some of these subjects are not entirely new, but improvements have been made to them. Have a look below: 

Agricultural Studies

There is a major need for skills in the agricultural sector. Agricultural studies aims to meet those needs. It plans to produce well-skilled entrepreneurs, farmers, researchers and workers. This subject focuses on business practices, animal production, plant production and farming. 

Ancillary Health Care

Health care has become a worldwide concern. Ancillary Health 

Care teaches about you themes to understand health and wellness.This subject focus on health concepts, health promotion strategies and waste management practices

Digital Technology

This subject will give you to be computer literate and the skills needed to solve real life problems. Digital Technology looks into computers, appliances and the internet. You will work on spreadsheets, typing, coding and technology systems. 

Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development gives you the skills to prepare a child for skills. This subject doesn’t make you a teacher but you can do other jobs like babysitting and au pairing. You will learn about first aid, creative art and behaviour management.

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Electrical Technology

This subject gives you a basic understanding of electrical products and digital principles. Electrical Technology provides you with knowledge needed for after school. In this subject you will learn about electronic principles, graphic communication and entrepreneurship.. 

Hairdressing, Beauty and Nail Technology

Are you interested in personal care? ThenHairdressing, Beauty and Nail Technology might be your favourite subject. This subject focuses on time management, communication, safety and hygiene.

Hospitality Studies

Hospitality Studies aims to teach you the various sectors within the hospitality industry. This includes food, hygiene, food production and meal planning. You will learn about menu planning, career possibilities and kitchen and restaurant operations

Maintenance and Upholstery

In this subject you will learn about working with your hands. Maintenance and Upholstery will give you skills that are considered trade skills. You will learn about glazing, upholstery and mechanical maintenance. 

Mechanical Technology

Mechanical Technology will take you through concepts in the mechanical environment. This will include mining, motor, shipping, and rail. In this subject you will focus on welding, body works, motor mechanics and manufacturing. 

Wholesale and Retail

This will be your foundation into the Wholesale and Retail industry. You will gain an understanding of purchasing and selling of products. This subject will focus on promoting, merchandising and target markets. 

Improved Subjects:

Civil Technology

This subject aims to make learners ready for internships and apprenticeships. The skills gained from Civil Technology can also be applied in most industries. 

Art and Design

Art and design aims to teach you to express your inner creativity. This subject will be made up of both theory and practical assignments. 

Consumer Studies

Consumer Studies aims to make you a skills, focused and knowledgeable consumer. Your skills will enable you to make informed decisions and make use of resources. 

Career Opportunities With new Subjects 

The great thing about these new subjects is that your career opportunities aren’t limited. There are various industries you can venture into, including becoming an entrepreneur. These new subjects actually increase your chances of employment. 

Can I Further my Studies in These Subjects? 

No matter what subjects you do in high school you will always be able to further your studies. Look at what institution offers the course you are interested in. If you need something more flexible, then distance learning will be a perfect fit. 

  • Study at your own pace 
  • Open entry courses- study without matric 
  • Accredited institutions 
  • Recognised courses 

Be Ahead of the Changes and Get Prepared

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Last Updated: 2 December 2020