NATED Courses
NATED Courses
NATED Courses
NATED Courses
NATED Courses
NATED Courses
NATED Courses
NATED Courses

What are Nated Courses?

National Accredited Technical Education Diploma (Nated) courses are courses that have been designed by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). Nated courses consist of theory and practical work. Nated courses are also registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

What is the Difference between Nated Courses and a National Certificate Vocational?

Both Nated Courses and National Certificate Vocational (NCV) programmes combine theory and practical work experience. However, National Certificate Vocational (NCV) programmes are designed to teach specific, often technical, skills. These programmes have been made to help fix the skills shortage problem in South Africa. Nated courses are Diploma courses that are designed to focus on theoretical work combined with practical work experience.


NCV courses are done at school level from Grade 10. The highest NQF level for an NCV course is N4 which is equivalent to a National Senior Certificate (Matric Certificate). Nated courses are accredited courses that start at an N4 National Certificate and go as high as an N6 National Certificate. Nated courses also require you to have matric to study them.

What Does it Mean if a Course is Accredited?

If a course is accredited it means that it has been approved by a government body like the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) or the NQF. This means that the course is guaranteed to give you a certain quality and level of knowledge and skills.

You can learn more about accreditation by reading this article and you can learn more about the NQF by reading this article.


What are the Advantages of Nated Courses?

Nated courses are accredited courses that are recognised across the country by employers and by other education providers such as universities and colleges. This means that the qualification you have will make you much more employable.

What Kinds of Nated Courses can I Study?

There are many different nated courses that you can study covering a wide variety of topics. There are also different methods and places where you can study nated courses. An increasingly popular method of study is Distance Learning. There are many different Distance learning companies, for example, Skills Academy.

What Distance Learning Nated Courses can I Study?

Different companies offer different nated courses. Skills Academy offers seven different nated courses for you to choose from. The courses are:

These courses are broken down into three levels namely N4, N5 and N6. Once you complete all three levels and do 18 months of practical work you will get a National N Diploma.


What’s Next?

Now that you know all about nated courses you’re probably wondering where to go from here. Why not call us toll-free on 0800 39 00 27 and let us help you register for a nated course. Let us help you start your future today!

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