Business Management Courses

Business Management is part of every business in the world and having a qualification in Business Management means that you will find it quite easy to find a job.

We Offer the Following Accredited Business Management Courses:

National Qualification Courses

Business Management N4

The N4 course gives you the basics of Business Management. This course includes a range of subjects with a wide range of skills from Management Communication to Introductory Accounting. This starting point for your diploma.

Business Management N5

Each subject in this course gives you more of the essential skills you will need in any one of the different careers you can get into once you finish you National Diploma in Business Management.

Business Management N6

The N6 Course is the last course on your way to that 100% accredited Diploma in Business Management. This course adds more knowledge to subjects you’ve taken in Business Management N4 and N5 and adds the subject Cost and Management Accounting.


What Exactly Do Business Managers do?

Business managers help small companies to manage their staff to keep them in line with the company’s goals. In small companies, the business manager and the owner are the same person.  In big companies, business managers talk directly to the executives. Other things a Business Manager have to do include:

  • develop goals to make the company prosper.
  • develop plans that help the company and staff reach their goals and
  • make sure that the company has the resources it needs to achieve their goals.

Why is Business Management Important?

Business Management is important in business because if a business is badly managed, it will not succeed. Business Managers ensure that every part of a company runs smoothly. Business Managers are there to make sure that everyone in the company can achieve their goals and that everyone works towards the same goal.

What Subject do I Study in a Business Management Course?

Business Managers need many different skills. Business Managers need good problem-solving skills as they need to solve problems as they happen but also to see problems before they happen and find ways to avoid them. In a Business Management course you will also learn:

  • entrepreneurship
  • sales management
  • cost and management accounting
  • public relations
  • computer practice
  • management communication and
  • introductory accounting

What do Business Managers Earn and What Kind of Jobs Could I be Looking at?

According to PayScale, the yearly average salary for a Business Manager is about R395 000. Note: This number is correct at the time of writing.

Some of the other jobs that you can look at if you have studied Business Management include:

  • General Operations Manager
  • Regional Managing Director
  • Executive Director
  • Director of Operations

What if I am too Busy to go to Classes. Can I Study Business Management Through Distance Learning?

There are many different companies that offer Business Management courses through distance learning. Skills Academy is one such company that offers the N4, N5 and N6 Business Management courses. Skills Academy also offers short courses on Small Business Management. Many other companies have short and longer courses to help you geta Business Management qualification.


Are There Different Kinds of Courses Available?

There are full-time, part-time, online and short courses that you can do. Different companies have different courses and they have different requirements to register. The best thing to do is to contact the company and ask them.

What is the Difference Between an Accredited Course and a Non-accredited Course?

To put it simply: An accredited course gives you a recognised qualification while a non-accredited doesn’t. This doesn’t make one better, however. A non-accredited course will show your employers that you are serious and it shows that you have the skills. Non-accredited courses are also cheaper and you usually don’t need a matric certificate to register for them. Either one is a good choice. You just need to decide for yourself which one you want to do.


Last Updated: October 08, 2019

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