Microsoft Office Specialist 2013 – Expert

This is the most advance Microsoft Office course you can do. Doing this course will set you apart from other applicants for a job. It will show employers that you are not only serious about having the best skills you can but also that you have fully mastered the Microsoft Office Suite.

Course Information:

CourseMicrosoft Office Specialist 2013 – Expert (MOS)
 Programme TypeProfessional Industry Partner Programme
 Award TypeMicrosoft Certificate: Microsoft Office Specialist 2013 – Expert
 Award Issued ByMicrosoft
 Accredited By Not Applicable
 Course Duration9 Months
 Entrance Criteria
  • Learner Must have completed the Microsoft Office Specialist 2013 – Proficient Course before you can Advance to the Expert Level
  • Learners must be 16 years or older
  • The ability to read and write in english
  • Access to a computer
  • Computer Literacy
  • *Exam fees are not included in your course fees

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1. Microsoft Word Expert

2. Microsoft Excel Expert


1. Microsoft Word Expert

Unit 1:  Document interactivity

  • Topic A:  Creating forms
  • Topic B:  Inserting objects and charts
  • Topic C:  Web pages

Unit 2:  Document references

  • Topic A:  Tables of contents and captions
  • Topic B:  Indexes, bibliographies, and footnotes

Unit 3:  Working efficiently

  • Topic A:  Customizing the ribbon
  • Topic B:  Building Blocks
  • Topic C:  Master documents

Unit 4:  Macros and VBA fundamentals

  • Topic A:  Simple macros
  • Topic B:  Visual Basic for Applications
  • Topic C:  Modifying and creating macros
  • Topic D:  Word objects

Unit 5:  VBA programming

  • Topic A:  Control structures
  • Topic B:  VBA forms
  • Topic C:  Debugging and error handling


2. Microsoft Excel Expert

Unit 1:  Advanced functions and formulas

  • Topic A:  Logical functions
  • Topic B:  Conditional functions
  • Topic C:  Financial functions
  • Topic D:  Text functions
  • Topic E:  Date and time functions
  • Topic F:  Array formulas
  • Topic G:  Calculation options

Unit 2:  Lookups and data tables

  • Topic A:  Using lookup functions
  • Topic B:  Creating data tables

Unit 3:  Advanced data management

  • Topic A:  Validating cell entries
  • Topic B:  Advanced filtering

Unit 4:  Advanced charting

  • Topic A:  Chart formatting options
  • Topic B:  Combination charts
  • Topic C:  Graphical objects

Unit 5:  PivotTables and PivotCharts

  • Topic A:  Working with PivotTables
  • Topic B:  Modifying PivotTable data
  • Topic C:  Formatting PivotTables
  • Topic D:  Using PivotCharts
  • Topic E:  PowerPivot

Unit 6:  Exporting and importing data

  • Topic A:  Exporting and importing text files

Unit 7:  Analytical tools

  • Topic A:  Goal Seek
  • Topic B:  Scenarios
  • Topic C:  Instant data analysis

Unit 8:  Macros and Visual Basic

  • Topic A:  Running and recording a macro
  • Topic B:  Working with VBA code

Unit 9:  Accessibility and language features

  • Topic A:  Accessibility considerations
  • Topic B:  Internationalization


Assessments & Awards

After you completed the Microsoft Office Specialist 2013 – Proficient (MOS) and the Microsoft Office Specialist 2013 – Expert (MOS) courses. You then automatically Qualify as a Microsoft Office Specialist Master. 

Upon completion, you will receive an official certificate of completion from Microsoft via our courier system.


This course is a Accredited by Microsoft Official.

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Last Updated: September 17, 2018

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