Matrics who Contracted Covid-19 – What now?

Matrics who Contracted Covid-19 – What now? Explore the protocols in place to keep our matric class of 2020 safe. Don’t let the anxiety and stress get in your way.

Matrics who Contracted Covid-19 – What now? Even though the pandemic took the nation by surprise, the 2020 matric exams are well underway. With Covid-19 protocols in place and ways to manage your stress and anxiety, you have nothing to fear. 

Matrics who Contracted Covid-19

Matric students had more than just finals to worry about this year. They also had the stress of the Covid-19 pandemic. If you have unfortunately contracted the virus, you can rest assured knowing that you will in fact write all your exams. So, no waiting or missing out on papers. 


If you have tested positive for the virus, you will write your exams in an isolated venue. Even though you will be writing in an isolated venue, all exam procedures will be followed as well as safety protocols. 


Although it is allergy and flu season, it’s important to watch out for any Covid-19 symptoms. Remember that the symptoms are very similar to that of a regular cold. So stay on top of things for your safety and that of your fellow learners. 

Covid symptoms: 

  • Fever – 38°C
  • Tiredness
  • Dry cough 

Do note that if you do however miss an exam due to the Covid-19, you are automatically registered for the supplementary exams in 2021. So there’s no need to stress. 

Matric Exams in a Pandemic 

There was a lot of talk about the matric exams being cancelled due to the fast spreading virus. But you can look forward to finishing off your matric year in 2020. Have a look at the matric 2020 exam timetable to get access to all important dates. 

Exam Protocols for Covid-19

Your exams won’t be any different from the ones written in the past. All exam procedures will be followed and all rules still apply. But you can expect a couple of things to be added to the process. 

Screening: All students will be screened before entering the exam venue. This is where you will get your temperature reading. Your temp should be lower than 38°C.  

Sanitisation: All desks, chairs and exam venues will be sanitised. Your hands will also be sanitized upon entering your exam venue. Try having your own small hand sanitizer for after the exam. 

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Passing Matric Finals During a Pandemic 

With everything going on, it might be harder to concentrate. That’s why we have great tips you can use to pass your matric finals during the pandemic. Look at what you can do the night before, morning of, during the exam and after. 

Night Before 

  • No last-minute cramming
  • Sleep

Morning of 

  • Exercising
  • Breakfast
  • Dress Comfortably 

During the Exam 

  • Focus on the Moment


  • Treat Yourself  

Anxiety and Matric Finals Stress 

Anxiety and stress go hand-in-hand with matric finals. Your 12 years of hard work all boils down to one moment and that can be intimidating. With these stress management techniques and professional help you can lessen your anxiety. 

Stress Management

It’s important to know how to manage your stress during your exams. Bad stress management can lead to you being distracted and negative results . Luckily, here are a number of things you can do to ease your mind and body while studying.  

  • Healthy breakfast 
  • Exercise
  • Music 
  • Meditation  

Professional Help

If you feel like your anxiety is too much for you to handle alone, it is best to get some professional help. Don’t worry you don’t have to break the bank for therapy. There are free organisations that offer exam and anxiety counseling

Matrics who Contracted Covid-19 - What now? A student studying from the safety of her home for her matric finals.

Ways That Parents can Help Students

Parents you don’t have to feel helpless during this time. Yes, you might not be writing the exams with your child but there are things you can do to ensure that they have a stress free exam cycle.  

Encourage your child: Be your child’s greatest cheerleader. All a student needs is to feel motivated and encouraged. You can do it by reminding them of how smart they are. 

Limit distractions: You don’t want to isolate your child but limiting distractions will be a major help. This means limiting tv, phone and socialising time. 

Help them plan: Even though matric students have a timetable, they still need a study plan. It should be well thought out. This is where your advice can come in handy. 

Keep calm: Remember students have a lot of pressure already. So they don’t need you to add to it or to see you stressed. Seeing you calm will help them stay calm. 

Stay Safe, Sanitise and Study Hard

Don’t let the pandemic distract you from achieving the results you need to further your learning in 2021. Contact one of our course experts and find out about all our great distance learning courses. 

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Last Updated: 2 September 2021