Matric Rewrite Dates

It’s not the most ideal situation, but two matric exam papers will now have to be rewritten due to leaks. Find the Matric Rewrite Dates right here and get prepared.

Matriculants across the country will now have to rewrite two matric exams due to the papers being leaked. This was announced by the Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga on Friday, 4 December 2020, along with the Matric Rewrite Dates. 

Student writing down the Matric Rewrite Dates

What are the Matric Rewrite Dates? 

The two National Senior Certificate Papers will be rewritten following an investigation into the leaks of the Mathematics Paper 2 and Physical Sciences Paper 2. The Matric Rewrite Dates are as follows: 

  • Mathematics Paper 2 – Tuesday, 15 December 2020 at 14:00. 
  • Physical Sciences Paper 2 – Thursday, 17 December 2020 at 09:00. 

CAT and IT are also set to be rewritten on Thursday, 17 December 2020 at 14:00. 

Why the Rewrite? 

The decision to rewrite the exams comes after an investigation by the Department of Basic Education (DBE) to track down the source of the leak. This is the first time in our history that a national rewrite will take place. Though it adds to the stress of everyone involved, it needs to be done to maintain the credibility of the exams and fairness to all candidates. 

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Last Updated: 13 June 2022