Matric Results 2021 Mpumalanga

Excited to get your results? Well put your mind at ease with our information on the Matric Results 2021 Mpumalanga. Find out what your options are after matric.

Want to know what the Matric Results 2021 Mpumalanga will be? The wait is almost over. The matric results will be announced 21 January 2022. Take a look at the previous pass rates and where you can get your results. 

Mpumalanga Pass Rate for the Past 5 years:

The provincial matric pass rate is a reflection on all schools and students in Mpumalanga. Take a look at Mpumalanga pass rate for the past 5 years: 

  • 2020: 73.7%
  • 2019: 81.3%
  • 2018: 78.2%
  • 2017: 75.1%
  • 2016: 72.5%

National Matric Pass Rate for the Past 5 years:

The national matric pass rate is the results for all matriculants in South Africa. Taking a look at the past five years, how do you think the class of 2021 will do?

  • 2020: 76.2%
  • 2019: 80.3%
  • 2018: 79%
  • 2017: 74.8%
  • 2016: 77.1%
An exam room filled with empty chairs where Matric Results 2020 Mpumalanga will be released to students

How to get Your Matric Results

Worried you’ll miss your matric results? Don’t be, we’ve  got you covered. Here are a few ways to get your Matric results:

SMS and USSD Services

You can register to receive your matric results sent to your mobile phone by SMS or USSD services. There is a R1.50 fee per SMS and R1.50 fee per minute with USSD services, free SMSes and minutes don’t apply. 

Follow these steps to get your results: 

  • SMS your ID number and your examination number to 35658  or 
  • Dial *120*35658# to register with USSD


Daily newspapers will publish matric results, the day it’s released. Use your examination number to find your results in the paper. Do keep in mind that individual subject results are not published, but the level at which you passed. 

Your High School or Exam Centre

You get to go back to school one more time. High school educators and exam moderators will hand out your statement of matric results at your school or exam centre.

View it Online 

Visit the National Department of Education’s website and use your examination number to register and view your results when it’s released.  

A young student wearing a brown hat and white and black striped t-shit, sitting in front of his laptop reading up on the Matric Results 2020 Mpumalanga

What do the Matric Symbols Mean?

Receiving your final Matric Results puts you on track to starting your career. It’s important to understand the matric pass symbols. Each symbol represents a different pass level. The information below explains what each symbol means and how it is calculated:

National Senior Certificate Pass(NSC)

A NSC pass is the minimum pass rate for matric. Learners may apply to colleges with this pass.

Requirements for a Certificate Pass

  • 40% for your home language 
  • 40% for two other subjects 
  • You can fail one subject but you have to get 30% in six of your seven subjects  

High Certificate Pass (HC)

Passing with a Higher Certificate, means that you will be able to study at a college and do a certificate course.

Requirements for a Higher Certificate Pass

  • 40% for your home language
  • 40% in two other subjects 
  • 30% for three subjects 

Diploma (D)

A Diploma pass means that you can study at a technikon and do diploma course.

Requirements for a Diploma Pass

  • 40% for  your home language 
  • 40% for four other subjects 
  • 30% for two subjects 

Bachelors pass (B)

Most learners aim for a  Bachelors pass. This is because with a bachelor’s pass you are able to enter any university, technikon or college and do a degree, diploma or a certificate course.

Requirements for a Bachelors Pass

  • 40% for  your home language
  • 50% for four other subjects
  • 30% for two subjects  

Mpumalanga Provincial Department of Education- Contact Information

  • Physical Address: Government Boulevard, Riverside Park, Building 5. Mpumalanga Province, Republic of South Africa
  • Postal Address: Private Bag X11341 Nelspruit 1200
  • Toll free Line: 0800 203 116
  • Exam Help Desk: (013) 766 0033
  • Website:

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Last Updated: December 1, 2021


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