Matric Results 2020 KwaZulu-Natal

The Matric Results 2020 KwaZulu-Natal have been released. We have all the information you need to be well prepared for your exam.

The Matric Results 2020 KwaZulu-Natal have been  released. It is an end to a chapter and the beginning of a new adventure. We offer you all the information needed to navigate your journey, from getting your results to the options you have if you’ve failed. 

Matric Pass Rate for KwaZulu-Natal for the Past Five Years

This year the matric results for KwaZulu-Natal dropped by 2.4%. But you shouldn’t be disappointed. The year was challenging for a number of reasons so you should be proud of the 77.6% matric pass rate. 

  • 2020: 77.6%
  • 2019: 80%
  • 2018: 76.2%
  • 2017: 72.8%
  • 2016: 66.4%

Matric Pass Rate for the Past Five Years 

Matric results have consistently increased each year. But this year it dropped by 5.1%. Take a look at the national pass results for the past five years:  

  • 2020: 76.2%
  • 2019: 81.3%
  • 2018: 78.2%
  • 2017: 75.1%
  • 2016: 72.5%
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Where can you get Your Results?

You are currently preparing for your matric finals. Knowing when your results will be released can take away some of your stress. Individual results will be available to the public on 23 February 2021.

Get it at School

Getting your matric results at school might prove to be a bit different in 2021 with the pandemic. You can speak to a teacher or your principal on what the protocols will be.  

Register Online 

You can get your matric results online. Visit the National Department of Education’s website and enter your examination number to register and get your results.


Matriculants can use their examination number to find their results in the newspaper on the 23 February 2021. Do note that only the examination numbers of learners that have passed will be published along with the level you passed at, example: 173456789012 – B 

SMS or USSD Service 

You can receive your matric results by SMS or USSD. The process is quick and simple. This is how you can get started:

  • SMS your ID number and your examination number to 35658  or 
  • Dial *120*35658# to register with USSD

It cost R1.50 to register for the SMS service and you will receive your results as soon as it is released. Once you have completed the USSD registration process, you’ll receive your results per subject. USSD is R1.50 per minute. Free minutes or SMSs don’t apply.  

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What do the Matric Symbols Mean?

Receiving your final Matric Results puts you on track to starting your career. It’s important to understand the matric pass symbols. Each symbol represents a different pass level. The information below explains what each symbol means and how it is calculated:

National Senior Certificate Pass(NSC)

A NSC pass is the minimum pass rate for matric. Learners may apply to colleges with this pass.

Requirements for a Certificate Pass

  • 40% for your home language 
  • 40% for two other subjects 
  • You can fail one subject but you have to get 30% in six of your seven subjects  

High Certificate Pass (HC)

Passing with a Higher Certificate, means that you will be able to study at a college and do a certificate course.

Requirements for a Higher Certificate Pass

  • 40% for your home language
  • 40% in two other subjects 
  • 30% for three subjects 

Diploma (D)

A Diploma pass means that you can study at a technikon and do a diploma course.

Requirements for a Diploma Pass

  • 40% for  your home language 
  • 40% for four other subjects 
  • 30% for two subjects 

Bachelors pass (B)

Most learners aim for a  Bachelors pass. This is because with a bachelor’s pass you are able to enter any university, technikon or college and do a degree, diploma or a certificate course.

Requirements for a Bachelors Pass

  • 40% for  your home language
  • 50% for four other subjects
  • 30% for two subjects  

Contact Information of the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Department of Education.

If you find yourself still having questions, feel free to contact the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Department of Education. Their operating hours are from Monday to Friday from 8am till 4pm.

  • Postal – Private Bag X9137, Pietermaritzburg, 3200
  • Address – Anton Muziwakhe Lembede Building, 3rd Floor, 247 Burger Street, Pietermaritzburg
  • Telephone – 033 846 5000 / 033 392 1000 / 0860 596 363
  • Fax – 033 355 1213
  • Website

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Last Updated: September 3, 2021


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