Matric Results 2019

The Matric 2019 Results Have Been Released

The matric results for the “Matric 2019” class have come out and the marks are the best they have ever been.

The National Pass rate for South Africa is 81.3% which is a 3,1% higher than the record breaking 2018 result which was only 78.2%.

If you would like to read about each provinces results, have a look at our provincial matric pages.

How can I get my Matric Results?

There are various ways in which you can receive your Matric Results 2019. Choose the best suited option for you.


Getting Your Results at School

You can go to the school or exam centre where you wrote your exams to receive your statement of results. Go on the day the results are released and it will be made public after 12pm.

In the Newspaper

The examination numbers of learners who passed Matric will appear in major newspapers such as the Cape Argus and The Rapport. No names or subject distinctions will be placed in the newspaper.

You can Check out Your Results Online

Log on to the Department of Basic Education website, and follow the instructions given in order to see your results.

  • You will need your examination number
  • Home Language
  • Details such as full name, date of birth, etc.


You can receive your results per SMS. Follow these steps:

  • Send an SMS to 35658.
  • SMS should include your ID number and student number.
  • SMS will cost you R1,50
  • You will get an SMS with your results.

Through USSD

You can also receive your matric results through USSD. Simply follow these steps:

  • Dial *120*35658#.
  • Through enter your ID number and student number.
  • This costs R0,50 per 20 seconds.

Matric Pass Rate

Here’s the national matric pass rate for the past five years. The national 2019 matric pass rate is the highest its been within the last 25 years!

  • 2019 – 81.3%
  • 2018 – 78.2%
  • 2017 – 75.1%
  • 2016 – 72.5%
  • 2015 – 70.7%

Results Queries

All result-related queries should be made within 30 days from the day the Matric Results 2019 are released. Queries such as finding out why details are incorrect on your results, such as names changed or incorrect subject marks. The closing date for re-mark and re-check is 22 January 2020 for those students who are not satified with their results. Other queries include applying for the supplementary exams. This should be made 21 days after the results are published.

How to get a Copy of my Matric Certificate?

On the day the Matric Results 2019 are released, you will receive a statement copy of your results. However, you will not receive you Matric Certificate on this day. Matric certificates will be made available to you in June of that year, and can be collected at the school or exam centre you wrote in.

What can I do When my Matric Certificate is Lost or misplaced?

When your Matric Certificate is lost or misplaced, you can apply and pay for one online. However you would need to collect it at your provincial Department of Basic Education. If you do not feel comfortable applying for it online, you are still able to go to the Department of Basic Education.

If your Matric Certificate is damaged, you will need to take the damage one to the Department of Basic Education in order to apply for a new one.

Supplementary Exams 

Supplementary Exams are exams for matriculants who failed subjects during the November exam and would like to redo it. Students who also did badly in their exams, even if they didn’t fail have the option of redoing certain subjects in order to be accepted at a university or college. You have the option of rewriting more than one subject during the supplementary exam.

However, you need to find out if you qualify to rewrite certain subjects. If you still do badly during the supplementary exam, you have the option of studying at a distance college such as Skills Academy.

Can I Still Pass Even if I Failed one Subject?

Yes, you can still pass if you failed one subject, as long as it’s not one of the compulsory languages. You do have the option of doing the supplementary exam in order to have a second chance at passing the subject. Also, if you feel like you did well enough to pass the exam, you do have the option to ask to have you exam paper either rechecked or remarked. 

What do the Pass Requirements in my Matric Results Mean?

There are many symbols and codes on the matric certificate and not all of them are easy to understand. Below you can find a breakdown of all the symbols and codes seen on your Matric certificate:

Bachelor’s Pass

With a Bachelor’s Pass, you are able to enrol and obtain a degree at a university, TVET or any Higher Learning college. 

When you pass with this, you have obtained:

  • 40% or more in your Home Language
  • 50% or more in 4 other high credit subjects
  • 30% or more in 2 other subjects

Diploma Pass

With a Diploma Pass, you can enrol at any TVET or Higher Learning colleges.

When you pass, you achieved:

  • 40% or more in your Home Language
  • 40% or more in 3 other high credit subjects
  • 30% or more 2 other subjects

Higher Certificate Pass

When you pass with a Higher Certificate, you can study at a FET college towards a Higher Certificate. When you pass, you achieved: 

  • 40% or more in your Home Language
  • 40% or more in 2 subjects
  • 30% or more 3 other subjects

Difference Between NSC and IEB

Both the National Senior Certificate (NSC) and Independent Examinations Board (IEB) are accredited by Umalusi. The IEB is an independent assessment agency that offers exams for mostly private schools. 

IEB exams are seen as being more difficult than NSC exams because it is exclusivity of being a private school. Yet when it comes to tertiary education, there is no discrimination. Students will be accepted into tertiary institutions based on their pass mark, and not based on an IEB or NSC pass. 

What to do After I get my Matric Results 2019?

Now that you have received your Matric Results, you can look into options such as working after Matric or studying. If you would like to do both, you have the option of studying at a distance learning college, such as Skills Academy.

Here you can study at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Here is a wide variety of courses you can choose from, from our Beauty Therapy Courses, to our sought after ICB Courses.

I Passed Matric! What are my Options?

Congratulations on passing your matric! Not sure where to study? Well you can get everything and more at Skills Academy. From our courses which will give you all the tools you need for your career, to our benefits that just keeps on coming.

Matric Upgrade

If you have written your Matric in the past, and you’re not happy with the results, or would like to improve your results, you have Matric Upgrade as an option. Think you might not have the time? With no classes and only redoing the subjects or failed or want to improve, you can pass your subjects with ease.

Where can I Study Further if I Failed Matric?

You can study at Skills Academy, where the minimum qualification is Grade 10. Skills Academy offers a wide selection of courses for you to choose from. No prior skills or qualifications are needed to enrol. 

Beware of Giving out Your Personal Details to Receive Matric Results

There are fake Facebook pages and scammers who tell students to give out their personal details in order to get their results. Make sure that you are giving your details to the official sites in order to receive your results.

If you have any more questions, or if you are unsure about anything relating to your Matric Results, you can contact the Department of Basic Education.

Call Centre: 0800 202 933

Tel: 012 357 3000

Or email them:

Author: Charnell Ward

Last updated: January 9, 2020


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