Logistics Manager Vacancy

Location: Bellville South
Salary: Based on experience

Skills Academy is looking for the best candidate to join our fast growing exciting distance learning college. We are a young company looking to conquer the educational space with exceptional service and a wide offering that can appeal to everyone! And to do this our company is built around five values that we, and all our employees, strive to operate by: Integrity, Loyalty, Space to grow, Generosity and Personal Responsibility.

With these values, and the people to embody them, we believe we can take the educational sector of South Africa by storm. So if you’re tired of boredom and tired of the same dead-end jobs then this opportunity might just be the perfect one for you. 

Our company is focussed on growth like no other, we believe that in order to grow the company we need to grow the people. So if you want to learn, to develop yourself and to be part of actually making a difference then Skills Academy is the place where you belong. 

Our Ideal Supply Chain Manager is:

  • Invested: Supply Chain is an important part of our company. Hundreds of students need our supply chain to work so that they can get all their material, get their qualifications and ultimately change their lives. We need a manager who understands the impact that this department has! To work tirelessly because this department is important!
  • Detail Oriented: When it comes to the nitty gritty of supply chain management having a good eye for detail is extremely important. You need to ensure that all the cogs in the machine are running smoothly because one mistake can lead to a big chain reaction. 
  • Forward Thinking: We want someone who is looking to make improvements who looks at systems and processes and thinks how we can do this better. It might not be broken but why not make it better!
  • A Good Leader: In our supply chain all the jobs are connected. Without everyone working together the department does not work! You need to be the connective glue that holds those team members together, who helps their work align into a beautiful finished product. You must also be firm and willing to impose discipline on those who refuse to come together and be part of the functional whole.
  • Organised: With our college offering a lot of courses we have a large range of books we need to keep in stock. This means that there are many books from a wide range of suppliers with different methods of payment and delivery turnaround times. You need all of this organised so that you aren’t faced with any backlogs!
  • Able To Communicate: The role of supply chain manager is not an isolated one. You need to build good communication channels with other departments! This ensures that our other departments, especially those that communicate with students, know what is going on! It is your responsibility to ensure they know when books are dispatched, when they are delivered and when there are any delays. Also this will be essential in maintaining relationships with suppliers so that material always arrives on time!
  • Analytical and Precise: Supply Chain/Logistics is a systems based department. Systems dictate what work is done and how it is done. When the work does not seem to be correct or when there is a crisis the correct answer is not to jump in and hurriedly work harder in the department to make things work. You need to step back, analyse the situation and the systems, identify and fix root problems. You are not a butcher, you are a surgeon. Precision is your most powerful tool!

Technical Job Requirements:

  • Essential:
    • At least two years management experience.
    • The ability to communicate fluently in English both written and verbal.
    • Experience in the supply chain field (Or a field that has transferable skills)
  • Recommended
    • Proficient Microsoft Computer Skills. 
    • Some form of Supply Chain/Logistics/Administrator qualification.
    • Have been involved in staff processes. IE. hiring, training and discipline.

The Job Responsibilities of a Supply Chain Manager are (but not Limited to) the Following:

  • Ensuring that study material goes out to students in a timely and correct manner.
  • Managing any shortages in stock and developing plans to alleviate said shortage, either in material or consumables.
  • Managing stock levels in an optimal manner that also allows for cost savings.
  • Ordering stock and maintaining a health relationship with suppliers. 
  • Managing the physical creation of our own study material. 
  • Monthly supply chain reporting that covers all elements including costs, inventory and parcels sent.
  • Collaborate with other departments to ensure students are always up to date given the whereabouts of their material.
  • Liaison with couriers to improve the processes and to ensure all deliveries occur smoothly.
  • Implementation of processes and improvement of the existing ones.
  • Managing staff, including: Hiring, Discipline, Training, Review and Feedback.

Want to Apply?

If this job excites you, and if you feel like you are the perfect candidate we are looking for then apply by following these simple steps!

Send your application to [email protected] 

The subject of your email must state: SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGER APPLICATION

Write a cover letter that outlines the following: 

  • How your experience and skill set matches the position and requirements.
  • Tell us about your interests and personality.
  • Why should we interview you?

Include your CV with Contactable References. Applications that do not include a cover letter will automatically be disqualified. 

We will only be responding to the submissions we believe are a potential fit. 

Goodluck with your application. We look forward to hearing from you and we hope that you will be the newest member of our Skills Academy Management Team.