Keeping Your New Year’s Study Resolutions

Don’t let another year go by without achieving your goals! Reach success by using these tips for Keeping Your new Year’s Study Resolutions. Make this year yours!

It’s that time of the year again. Where for a solid two weeks you feel like a completely new person. But how do we beat the January slump and actually stick to our new year’s study goals? Our tips for keeping your new year’s study resolutions can help with that. 

10 Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Study Resolutions

Creating new habits can be challenging. If you’re the captain of the procrastination club then you won’t turn into a model student overnight. The important part is that you keep at it. Slow progress is better than no progress. Use the tips listed below to help:

  1. Choose a Specific Study Goal
  2. Focus on One Goal at a Time
  3. Commit Yourself
  4. Put Time Into Planning 
  5. Start Small
  6. Avoid Repeating Past Mistakes
  7. Get Support 
  8. Be Realistic 
  9. Reward Small Wins Along the way
  10. Be Flexible 
A student graduating. Succeed this year by using our tips for Keeping Your New Year's Study Resolutions.

Choose a Specific Study Goal

Think about what you want to achieve academically this year. It does not have to be a big goal. It can be something as simple as wanting to submit assignments on time or dedicating time to reading more. 

Focus on One Goal at a Time

It is fine to have a few study resolutions, but don’t tackle them all at once. If you do, you might feel overwhelmed. Instead give your energy to one goal at a time and work slowly to achieve it. 

Commit Yourself

If one of your study goals is to enrol for a new course, ask yourself if you’ll have the time to do it. Consider your other commitments. Will your  work and family life get in the way? If yes, you may want to consider distance learning

Put Time Into Planning

We are sure you’re eager to get started, but make sure you plan properly first. This should take priority. Commit a day or two to researching, planning and creating a schedule

Start Small

Don’t dive into the deep end immediately. For example, if you have issues concentrating on your books while you are studying, start studying for shorter periods of time. Eventually you will get into the habit and be able to go for much longer without distractions. 

Avoid Repeating Past Mistakes

Have a look at your study history and habits. What is some of the feedback educators have given you? Identify these and then come up with strategies to solve them. Your new year study resolution’s will mean very little if you just repeat old mistakes. 

A student on her way to school. Make this year yours by Keeping Your new Year's Study Resolutions.

Get Support

Keeping your new year’s study resolutions will be hard. That’s why we suggest seeking out a mentor, friend or support group that can help. When you run into any challenges your support system should be able to advise and motivate you to try again. 

Be Realistic

You should dream big, but stay within the realms of possibility. Don’t set goals that will require you to overwork yourself or cause unnecessary stress. For example, it is unrealistic to want to finish a 12 month course in 2 months. Keep your goals realistic.  

Reward Small Wins Along the way

You’ve already taken a big step in wanting to change your bad study habits. Reward yourself when you see progress. No matter how small! If you celebrate this journey, it will be more enjoyable. This will push you to succeed. 

Be Flexible

Your study goals should always be under review. Come back to them once every two months to identify if they are still relevant. If not, adjust them. Remember, these are your resolutions. So don’t get pressured into achieving things that won’t work for you. 

Stick to Your Study Goals and Succeed!

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Last Updated: January 19, 2021


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