Keep Your Mind Active During Lockdown

Being in lockdown can drive anyone insane. However just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean you have nothing to keep yourself busy with. Don’t run out of things to do and Keep Your Mind Active During Lockdown.

What is Lockdown?

Lockdown is a precautionary measure enforced by the government to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. This means that you won’t go to work or social gatherings until the lockdown has been lifted. In the meantime you will stay in doors. Find out how you can keep your mind active during lockdown.     

Can you Keep Busy During Lockdown?

Yes you can definitely keep busy while on lockdown. Being cooped up in your house with your family can seem like a vacation for the first few days but after a month or so it can become really repetitive. Finding things to keep you busy during this time will help. 

Things to help keep you busy during lockdown:

  • Do indoor home exercises
  • Experiment with different recipes 
  • Read new books 
  • Listen to new music 
  • Work on puzzles 

How to Keep Your Mind Active During Lockdown

Staying mentally active during this lockdown is extremely important. Exercising your brain is like exercising your body, the harder you train the stronger your muscles become. The same goes for your brain. You can exercise your mind by doing an online course. 

Can I Study During Lockdown? 

Yes, you can with distance learning. Distance learning takes place from your home. This means you don’t have any face-to-face classes. Therefore you can still study and get your qualification during lockdown. Studying with a distance learning institution can also help keep your mind active during lockdown. 

A student pushing herself to learn something new

Study With Skills Academy During Lockdown

Skills Academy is a distance learning institution. So you can study with us during and out of lockdown. With us you don’t have traditional classroom classes. Instead you will have your course materials delivered and you will learn and study from home. 

Courses you can Study During Lockdown

We offer a great range of courses that can stimulate you mentally and teach you a new skill or two. This will be a perfect way to keep your mind active during lockdown. Find out what courses we offer. 

Accounting, Bookkeeping and Finance 

We offer accounting, bookkeeping and financial management courses. These courses are accredited and provider programmes. This means that you have the option of doing an accredited course or a provider programme which will give you a new skill. 


A beauty course could be a perfect way to keep your mind and hands active. We offer beauty therapy courses, facial skincare courses, make-up courses and many more. 


How about a Computer Course? Learning a new computer skill while on lockdown can be a great benefit to you. Not only will you have a new skill but you will also be able to put it on your CV and increase your chances of being employed

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Last Updated: 2 November 2020