Visual Merchandiser

Are you able to design a masterpiece? Have a passion for interior design and decorating? Maybe you would be interested in being a visual merchandiser.

Job Responsibilities

The creations and implementation of visual merchandising strategies for stores.

Making sure that the visual merchandising is in line with the stores brand, products and target market.

Sketches of visual display that meets store visual requirements.

Sourcing of props, materials, accessories or anything needed for the project.

Installing and setting up the window display and any other areas that form part of the project or promotion. 

What to Study

Interior Decorating Comprehensive Course

Interior Decorating combines the creative process of addressing the aesthetics of a space with understanding of the building itself. Start studying right away!
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Interior Decorating Certificate Course

Interior Decorating is an exciting career to be in.This Interior Decorating Certificate Course will give you the tools to unleash your inner creative.
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Interior Design: Comprehensive Course

Interior Design Comprehensive Course combines the creative process of addressing the aesthetics of a space with understanding of the building itself. Sign up with us and start your career.
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Clued up on the latest trends in fashion? Are you able to design a masterpiece? Can you grab attention with the pieces you put together? Have a passion for interior design and decor?  Maybe you would be interested in being a visual merchandiser.

What is Visual Merchandising?

Clothes in a rack laid out by a visual mechandiserVisual Merchandising includes the process of planning, designing and creating a visual display. The aim is to display the merchandise or stock of the store in a way that will attract the attention of customers and promote sales.

Influencing a customer to buy your attractive product means that  you have reached your goal.

This visual display is usually done for retail stores but can be applied in a range of industries. They can also create displays for fashion shows, corporate events and in-store promotions.

Visual Merchandisers often have a small interior space that they have to decorate and therefore need to be strategic enough to fit their entire idea into that space. They can work in spaces such as store windows, on the tills in supermarkets and stalls.

What do Visual Merchandisers Do?

This career focuses mostly on the decorating of spaces. One has to plan how they will make use of the space to execute the idea that they have. The duties include:

  • Create attractive displays of merchandise inside the shop or event
  • Change signs and banners when there are special events like public holidays
  • Identify the best messages that appeal to the target market
  • Research fashion, decor and lifestyle trends
  • Analyse the sales and create strategies on how to improve the merchandising

How Much do Visual Merchandisers Earn? 

According to Indeed, as a Visual Merchandiser you can expect to earn an amount of R 11 726 month, on average.

The industry of interior decor and design promises a lot of growth and the amount you earn is highly determined by the amount of experience you have. 

The type of client you are working for will also greatly influence the salary you gain.

How can I Become a Visual Merchandiser? 

Visual Merchandising is a career that requires one to be creative and to pay careful attention to detail to attract the attention of the target market. Having a qualification in this field can help you to improve those skills.

Get Qualified 

At Skills Academy, you can sign up for a course in Interior Design and Decor to help you learn more about the design and decor process.

Don’t have Matric? That is not a problem because all you require to register is a grade 10, be 16 years old or older and be able to read and write in English

Getting skills in interior decor and design will assist you in obtaining the necessary knowledge you need to begin your career in  Visual Merchandising.

Create a Profile 

Create a visual portfolio of the projects that you have created displays for such different stores, events or even non-professional work. This will help you to convince your potential clients that you have the necessary skills and can take initiative.

What are Examples of Visual Merchandising?

Visual Merchandising can take on many different forms, it does not just include professional and retail work. Some of the work can be done in different industries and not just the retail industry. It includes:

  • Dressing models in stores
  • Arranging fruits and products at a market
  • Window displays at the mall
  • Setting up the decor for a showroom event
  • Interior decor for a  corporate event
  • Placing merchandise for promotions in a store

Do you Need a Qualification to be a Visual Merchandiser? 

It is possible to do interior design and decor without a degree. This is because your main function is to decorate a space. An interior designer handles the more technical parts like functionality.

However, it is always advisable to get an education.

A qualification in interior decorating and design from Skills Academy will not only help you to acquire the decorating skills you need for visual merchandising. You will also learn about the skills you need in the business world. Skills such as communications, project management and handling budgets.

Further skills will be acquired once you work as a visual merchandiser for a period of two years. Gaining experience in the industry improves your chances of securing employment and helps you to be better at the craft.

What Skills Does a Visual Merchandiser Need? 

Pursuing this career will often require you to create interior decor ideas that are highly attractive and often do so in a small space such as a window shop. These are some of the essential skills you may need:


This is a career that requires you to bring out your inner artist and bring creative ideas to life. Being creative will help you transform a space from drab to fab. Applying a unique creative style can also help you to stand out as a decorator.

Aware of Current Trends and Fashion

Since your aim is to get customers to notice and buy your products, you need to be aware of which trends in decor and fashion are popular so you can appeal to the target market. Keeping up with these trends will allow you to meet the needs of the client and also introduce new ideas to them.


As a Visual Merchandiser, you will have to bring ideas to life. Being ambitious will help you to cope with the pressure of the job and being innovative will help you create styles for any client you get.


It is important to create a strategy on how to spark interest in customers with your display. The career will need you to form strategies on how you will make your display relevant to the target market. You also plan on how you will make the most of your budget and use your space.

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Author: Zandile Nxazisa 

Last Updated: May 07, 2020