Private Security Guard

Being a Private Security Guard is not only a fulfilling job, it is also important to the company that needs your service. Study with us and learn skills.

Job Responsibilities

 This is to keep a record of everyone that enters the building. If anything were to happen, they can contact everyone that entered for questioning.

If you do not have the correct authorization to be there, they have the right to deny anyone entry into the facility. Once they have confirmation on your arrival, then you are allowed to enter.

Private security guards will walk around inspecting the facility or building. This is to ensure that nothing is out of place that could pose a security risk to staff or the property. This is also to check if any strange individuals are lurking around the facility.

If anyone breaks security protocols, private security guards have the right to put those individuals into custody. Thereafter they wait until law enforcement arrives to take over the situation.

What to Study

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What is a Private Security Guard?

A private security guard standing guard in a buildingA private security guard is employed by a private security company. Businesses hire them to protect their property and staff. This is different from police officers. Government employs police officers to protect the public. 

They ensure that no one trespasses on the property. They set security measures in place to ensure that there are no risks that could harm the company or its staff.

Benefits of This job

Although this job can be dangerous, there are also many advantages to being a private security guard. These benefits include:

Higher Income


Private security guards earn more money than public law enforcement as they get paid through their company and do not receive a government salary like police officers. Their job is in many cases more valuable as they have to protect valuable assets, and therefore need to be paid accordingly.

Protect Influential Individuals


Think you’ll be stuck in one job all your life? Think again. You have the opportunity to progress to better opportunities such as being a private security guard for important government officials or even celebrities. Who says you can’t live the glam life?

Ensure Safety of Staff and Property


Private camera mounted againts a buildingKeeping people and the property safe allows for a sense of fulfillment to anyone who attains this job. They rely on your services heavily so that they can get back to their families safely. 

They also know that their company will be safe from any intruder who might want to steal their intellectual property. 

How to Become a Private Security Guard

Think you have what it takes to be a private security guard? Read on below and learn everything you need to know about this job.



Skills Academy offers informative courses that are sure to teach you all the skills needed to do this job. Our Forensic Investigation Courses will teach you skills that will ensure that you are able to fulfill the tasks required of you.



As this is a dangerous job, you will need special training to help you fulfill your daily tasks. If you are faced with any danger, you need to be able to know what to do and protect those around you.

Skills Needed to be a Private Security Guard

As a private security guard, there are a range of skills needed to be successful in this field. These include:

Interpersonal skills – You are constantly in contact with people. You need to be able to make people feel at ease as you could come across as intimidating to some.

Decision-making skills – Someone invaded the facility? What will you do? As a private security guard, you need to take action, and quickly. The lives of many are at stake and the damages can be costly.

Observation skills – Criminals can be very sneaky. It is your job to keep a sharp eye to spot anything out of the ordinary that could pose a threat to the company and its staff.

Physically Fit – You need to be physically fit to be able to do this job. You are required to walk around the facility doing security checks as well as work long hours. Being physically fit is one of your biggest strengths in this field.

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Last updated: August 21, 2020