Massage Therapist

Do you like giving relaxing massages and would refer to yourself as having a magic touch? Then being a Massage Therapist may be just the career for you!

Job Responsibilities

Speak to client and find out about their previous medical history. 

Provide clients with relaxing treatments and services to help release stress and pain. 

Massage Therapist need to practice proper hygiene and sterilise tools and equipment. They also need to provide fresh, clean linen and towels.

It’s their duty to keep up with new industry trends. This means they need to go on training when needed.

What to Study

Salon Management Expert Certificate

The Salon Management Expert certificate course is perfect for those who have dreams of opening their own salon business.
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Beauty Therapy Comprehensive Expert Certificate

The Beauty Therapy Comprehensive Expert Certificate course provides our students with extensive and thorough knowledge of the beauty care industry today.
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What is a Massage Therapist?

Amassage therapist about to lather clients with essential oils for a relaxing massageA Massage Therapist, also known as a Masseur if you are male or Masseuse for a female, is a professional in the beauty industry whose main job is to massage clients and perform other skin and body relaxing treatments. They do this by using their hands and massage oils. They provide these massages to either soothe, relax the muscles, rehabilitate sports injuries and to promote general, good blood flow and promote fast healing especially for athletes or previously injured people. Most people also use Massage Therapist to destress.

What do Massage Therapists do?

As the name suggests, Massage Therapist primarily massage people for several purposes. But that is not all they do. Massage Therapists also give advice to their clients about their symptoms and learn about their medical history. They also guide them about what relaxation exercises to do, stretching and how to improve their overall posture.

Depending on what type of massage or what the client’s needs are, a massge could last anything from 15 minutes to an hour. To perform their duties well, Massage Therapist use oils, massage tables or chairs, and medical heat lamps called infrared lamps.

To be a recognised Massage Therapist, you may register with MTA (Massage Therapy Association of South Africa). It was created in 1989 to help with making the profession a recognised and respected career.

How much do Massage Therapists Earn?

According to Indeed, on average, a massage therapist in South Africa makes about R8 758 a month. This salary has a potential of going, depending on which company you work for and how much experience you have. If you are an independant Massage Therapist, your earning potential may also depend on your client base, how big it is and what services do you offer. 

Benefits of Being a  Massage Therapist?

This job comes with a number of lifetime perks that you will get to enjoy. Besides being able to live a fulfilling life, here are some of the benefits you will get to enjoy:

  • Be your own boss. You could have your own company or work independently from home, setting your own hours. 
  • A chance to travel and work abroad. Tourist attraction places like hotels or spas in holiday destinations are always on the lookout for Massage Therapists. Which brings us to our third point..
  • This profession will always be in demand and you have a chance to work in different fields such as sports, clinics, hospitals and beauty spas.
  • It is a fulfilling job. Nothing beats seeing a smile in someone’s face knowing you put it there!

How do I Become a Massage Therapist?

Amassage therapists bottle, flowers , scented lit candle and a neatly foldedtowelThough it may sound simple, Massage Therapy takes a certain kind of skill to master. Getting formal training will fast track your career. It will also increase your credibility and trustworthiness. Skills Academy offers a course that you can do to put your best foot forward in this career.

Studying long distance will also award you a chance to work while you study, gaining hands on experience that will come in handy in the real world, once you obtain your qualification.

Skills Needed to Become a Massage Therapist

Are you wondering what skills do you need to become a Massage Therapist? Have a look below. And, not to worry, if you don’t have any of the skills, getting a formal education and training may assist with that.

Communication Skills

Often, your clients will not know how to avoid certain ailments and you will be better equipped to teach them. So you need to be able to communicate effectively. And this will come in handy too when you’re trying to identify what is wrong with them. You’ll also be able to understand what they want to achieve with their visit.


You will be working with people’s bodies. Most people do not like being naked and vulnerable in front of strangers. So, your professionalism will bring comfort. They will know they are in the hands of someone who takes their job seriously and is discreet. 

Physical strength and dexterity

In this profession, you will spend most of your time on your feet. 99% of your job will require the use of your hands. That can be tiring so you will need to have grit and stamina. There are exercises you can do to achieve this. Mix this together with enthusiasm and pleasantness and you will be excellent!

Author: Ncebakazi Stoto

Last Updated: May 07, 2020