Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager has a nice ring to it. I think so. Well, do you want to be a Marketing Manager? That is not impossible. All you need to get started in is a diploma.

Job Responsibilities

As a Marketing Manager you will manage the team to create marketing promotional messages.

Planning the marketing strategy based on trends and the companies goal

Managing the budget to ensure that all marketing goals are reached and with the planned budget.

Identify new opportunities for growth and development.

Create comprehensive reports on campaigns to test the effectiveness of the campaign.

What to Study

Marketing Management Certificate Course

Marketing management focus on the application of marketing techniques and focuses on managing the marketing resources of an organisation such as campaigns within the departments.

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Marketing Management Short Course

Marketing management focuses on the application of marketing techniques for a business. It also focuses on managing the marketing resources of an organisation.

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N4 Marketing Management Course

Start your Marketing Career with out N4 Markereting Management Course and be well on your way to a Diploma in Marketing Management. Start today!

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What Does a Marketing Manager do?

As a Marketing Manager, you focus on the best way to market a product or service. This is done by collecting data from different sources. Then using the data to create a “Marketing Strategy”. Using your market strategy you assign work to different members in your team. Your team promotes the message to the customer using different tools. Tools like Google, Facebook, Newspapers, Radio, etc,.

The Marketing Managers duties are different from company to company. That depends on what the company needs and the size. Here are some duties that are the same no matter the size of the company.

Marketing Manager Duties:

  • Creating promotional messages.
  • Coordinate Marketing strategy.
  • Manage budget for campaigns.
  • Identify new marketing opportunities.
  • Test campaign performance.

Educational Needs to Become a Marketing Manager

Normally, to become a Marketing Manager you need a degree. That also depends on the company. But, experience in the industry that you would like to work in is also of value. But, there is a no degree approach.

The No Degree Approach

  • Do a Marketing diploma through a distance learning college like Skills Academy. Like a National Certificate N6 Marketing Management. You must complete the National Certificate N4 and N5 Marketing Management courses first.
  • Get an entry level job in Marketing while studying. This will count towards your 18 months internship and you get valuable experience.
  • After 18 months apply for your National Diploma Marketing Management.
  • Choose a Digital Marketing field to specialise in. All Marketing Managers have some form of Digital Marketing knowledge. So this will improve your chances.

Our Marketing Management Courses will teach you how to become a Marketing Manager.

The Digital Impact on Marketing Management

Over 70% of South Africa’s population access the internet. That makes it no surprise that the market is changing. That links to an increase in online shopping. With 55% of internet users who bought something online in the last 30 days and Marketing has played a big role in. This converts to an increase in the need for marketers.

Understanding the internet culture is an advantage that is important. Why is this so important? Of South Africa’s population, 40% are social media users. Using this kind of information is what will give you that edge as a Marketing Manager. Including understanding advertising technology (Social Media, Google, etc). This is where you can use that Facebook  and hashtag knowledge. #Marketingmanager

Skills Needed to be a Marketing Manager

What sets the Marketing Manager apart from other roles in Marketing? The Marketing Managers Skills. How have the skills required change? Digital Marketing has changed the skills required. All the hard skills required being more focused on Digital Skills.

Soft Skills

The soft skills are more the traditional type of skills needed.

  • Writing and Communications
  • Planning and Implementation
  • Creativity
  • Budgeting and Time Management

Hard Skills

The hard skills are more the digital skills needed. Let me explain!

Social Media

Do you use Facebook or Instagram? Those are Social Media. They’re the platforms we use to communicate and share information in real-time. Applications like Twitter, Whatsapp and Youtube are also Social media tools.


It’s the tools that display the past information like search history and trends. These results are for the searched term. Analytics tool you use to make predictions on future trends. Google Analytics is but one of these types of tools.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Have you ever searched for something on Google? The result that displays are based on how well the website did in a Google requirements test. Referred to as “Google Algorithm”. The result of that test will determine where you are displayed on the Google search results page.

Learn all the skills needed to be a successful Marketing Manager with our Marketing Management Courses.

Marketing Manager Salary

Marketing is a competitive and fast growing field with salaries to match. So what salary can you expect as a Marketing Manager? Let’s start by looking at what impacts the Marketing Managers Salary.

Things that impact the Marketing Manager salary is:

  • The size of the company.
  • The marketing managers duties.
  • The amount of marketing and managerial experience.

The above mentioned will affect your salary as a Marketing Manager but the average salary being R38 890 p/m.

How do I Become a Marketing Manager?

Now you have completed your National Diploma Marketing Management. So what now? After completion of your National Diploma you would have 2-3 years marketing experience. You are closer to your goal.

The last steps to reach your goal is:

  • Gain more experience in your specialised marketing field.
  • Become an expert in that field. Keep up with the trends and changes.
  • Become the manager in your specialised field.
  • After you are the Product Manager or Brand Manager your next promotion is to Marketing Manager.

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Author: Lucrisia Benjamin

Last updated: August 21, 2020