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Job Responsibilities

The primary work of furniture designers are to sketch and design various furniture either by hand or using sketch software that will be made into creative pieces to fill spaces and turn them into a work of art.

As a designer, you need to know about the current trends to stay up to speed with what’s hot at the moment.

Many of your designs will be made for clients, so you need to be able to communicate effectively with them in order to capture their vision and add it into your designs.

Know what textiles will go with your designs? The having a good relationship with your suppliers are important. This will ensure that you have the best supplies when producing your furniture. 

What to Study

Interior Design: Comprehensive Course

Interior Design Comprehensive Course combines the creative process of addressing the aesthetics of a space with understanding of the building itself. Sign up with us and start your career.
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Interior Design: Certificate Course

Interior Design is a very specialised field where the world of Interior Decorating meets Architecture. Sign up with us to turn your dreams into a career.
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Google Sketch-Up Short Course

This course will teach students how to use Google Sketch-Up to develop computer-aided 3-D representations of their designs, which would make them more competitive in the industry
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What is a Furniture Designer?

A Furniture designer carrying a leather cutting scissor Furniture designers are professionals who design and create furniture. They also restore old pieces of it and redesign them in a new way. This could either be indoor or outdoor pieces. When designing, they need to keep in mind style and the tone whoever they’re designing for wants as well as  functionality.

They can work with either interior decorators or project managers. Or even both.

Benefits of Being a Furniture Designer

One of the most rewarding benefits of being a furniture designer is that you have the ability to start your own business  and be your own boss! This means that chances of you being without a job are zero to none. 

It is also a fun and exciting job that has elements of fashion! Over and above all, the career comes with a high earning potential and a person in it has all the room in the world to showcase their creativity. There are no restrictions.

How Much Do Furniture Designers Earn? 

In essence, furniture design is part of interior design. So, the amount you are looking to make, on average would be more or less how much interior designers make.

As a furniture designer, you’re looking at a typical amount of R32 200 a month, according to salaryexplorer.

As usual, this will depend on where you’re working, your skill set as well as your experience.

How to Become a Furniture Designer?

So far, you’ve learnt all about what a furniture designer is, what they do and the benefits of becoming a furniture designer. Now let’s have a look at how you can become an exceptional Furniture Designer: 

Get an education

Different fabrics for furniture designIt’s no secret that employers and clients prefer someone with a qualification to backup their skills. So, getting an education will be beneficial for you. It is where you’ll also gain your technical drawing skills and learn how to use design softwares. 

Skills Academy offers an interior decorating and design course for you to do to enhance your skills and increase your credibility. 

Create a portfolio

After you study or even better, while you  are still studying, you can look for internships jobs to gain experience and create a portfolio. Most recruiters and clients will care more about your portfolio than anything else. A portfolio showcases your skills, your style and just how seriously you take your job!

Join Professional Bodies

Being a member of professional bodies such as IID (The African Institute of the Interior Design Professions) is one of the fastest ways to increase your chances of employment and solidify your credibility. Some employers go straight to the websites of these professional bodies to hire. You’ll also get a chance to network with like minded professionals and be able to keep up with new trends and styles in design.

Skills You Need to be a Furniture Designer

As a Furniture Designer, it is important to equip yourself with cutting edge skills to improve your chances of being employed and excellent in your job. Let’s have a look at a few of those skills:

  • Excellent knowledge of computerised drawing programs such as CAD ( computer-aided design) photoshop,SketchUp and other 3D design softwares.
  • Ability to solve complex problems in record time and efficiently. 
  • Creativity is also a must in this career. Designing those furniture will need you to bring out your creative cap. Creativity also helps with problem solving.
  • Communication skills. You’ll need to be able to communicate well with your team and the manufactures to know exactly what they’re looking for.

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Author: Ncebakazi Stoto

Last updated: August 18, 2020