Fraud Investigator

Want to know what a Fraud Investigator does, how much they get paid and some other perks? Look no further as we explore this fast-paced career.

Job Responsibilities

Monitor accounts and transactions to identify fraudulent activities.

Investigate fraudulent activities.

Report fraudulent activities and findings.

Create and implement preventive measures to stop frauds.

Such as law enforcement agencies, vendors and banks to confirm information.

What to Study

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Have you always had a thing for the Nancy Drew books and like investigating? Then becoming a fraud investigator is just the type of career you should consider. Just a warning, that it won’t be like the Nancy Drew books. The books are fiction but it will be filled with investigation, fraud and making the world a better place. One fraudulent investigation at a time. 

What is a Fraud Investigator?

Handcuffs and their key on top of a table for fraud investigationWhen there are any allegations of fraud made, a fraud investigator will conduct an investigation to prove or disprove claims. During this investigation, they may be required to interview the people involved. Including track accounts and review documents. They report on any fraudulent activity to the relevant party. Also known as a fraud examiner.

Education Requirements

According to The South African Qualification Association known as SAQA you require a minimum of a bachelor degree to become a Fraud Investigator. Including a Certified Fraud Examiner Qualification. You can register with The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners South Africa (ACFESA) for accreditation. Additionally, you can supplement your bachelor degree with a distance learning Corporate Investigations Investigative Auditing Certificate to change careers.

Fraud Investigator key Skills

If you have experience in any other forensic career it will improve your chances of becoming a Fraud Investigator. But with the right education and skills, the experience won’t be a requirement. Here are some of the skills you will need:

  • Conduct interviews
  • Write Reports
  • Take statements
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • The ability to analyse information

If you possess these skills this is the career for you.

How Much do Fraud Investigators Earn in South Africa?

A fraud inverstigator looking at her laptop screenThe salary that you could earn as a Fraud Investigator will greatly increase depending on the industry you work in. That is in addition to your experience and the level of the position. But they do still earn an impressive salary according to Payscale

The average monthly salary of a Fraud Investigator is R27 000 per month.

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Author: Lucrisia Benajmin

Last Updated: August 18, 2020