Crime Scene Investigator

Do you care about the law? Do you have a mind for problem solving? Help the police of your country solve crimes by becoming a Crime Scene Investigator. Skills Academy has a distance learning course that you can do to kick-start your career.

Job Responsibilities

Once you are called to a crime scene you will have the responsibility of mapping out the area in which the crime happened. This is done so that all evidence related to the case can be collected and inspected. 

Evidence is the most important part of any crime. Therefore it is your job to collect all materials that could possibly be evidence for the case. So you will collect and package evidence to later investigate it. 

You will need scientific equipment to help you and your team solve the crime. Along with knowing how to use this equipment you will need to know how to maintain the equipment as well. Examples ths equipment includes a microscope, telescope and a hydrometer. Click here for more

What to Study

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What is a Crime Scene Investigator

A crime scene investigator or CSI for short is someone who forms part of the law enforcement industry. As a crime scene investigator you are likely to be employed by the government. Crime scene investigator is a broad title that can be broken into several other titles. 

Other titles for a Crime Scene Investigator:

  • DNA expert
  • Fingerprint expert
  • Crime scene technician 
  • Ballistics expert 
  • Crime scene leader 
Crime Scene Investigator

Benefits of Being an Crime Scene Investigator

Knowing the benefits that come with a job is what attracts you to it. Being a crime scene investigator comes with many benefits that has made this career path so popular.  

Job Security

Crime is unfortunately something that will always happen all over the world. As unfortunate as that is, it also means that crime scene investigators are always going to be needed. Therefore once you start your career you won’t worry about being retrenched.   

Career Growth

Governments all around the world are consistently trying to improve the way in which crime is solved therefore there will always be growth opportunities for you in this field. You can improve your skills and apply for a higher position.  

Earning Potential 

With a career as a crime scene investigator, you have the potential to earn a high income throughout your career. Do keep in mind that  in order to get a good job with a good income you will have to get your necessary qualifications. Below are the estimated monthly earnings of a crime scene investigator in South Africa, according to Salary Experts

  • Entry level – R21,390
  • Average – R29,823
  • Senior level – R37,211

How to Become a Crime Scene Investigator

The first step to becoming any kind of professional is to have passion for what you do. This will keep you motivated through the hard times on your journey. Now, the educational requirements for this job is a degree. This might be a problem if you don’t have a matric certificate or the equivalent. However this won’t be your problem because Skills Academy allows you to further your studies without matric. 

Skills Academy is a distance learning institution that offers students in South Africa a variety of courses that can be done without a matric certificate. That’s right, you can still kick-start your career. We offer adult matric courses that will help you get your matric certificate. We also have courses you can do without matric. These courses include forensic investigation courses

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Author: Tia Sauls 
Last Updated: May 04, 2020