Jobs you can do While Studying

Need to earn some extra buck but don’t know how? We have tips on Jobs you can do While Studying. That’s right, you can earn while you learn and balance both of them.

Don’t want to be the student eating noodles everyday? Look at our top Jobs you can do While Studying. Don’t be afraid of not being able to juggle it all. With great balance and determination, you’ll be able to do it all. 

Earning While Learning – Is it Possible? 

Yes, earning while learning is possible. But is it easy? That’s for you to decide. There are challenges and advantages to working while studying. But remember, all challenges can be overcome. 

Top Challenges

Working while studying might allow you to earn money, but is it good for your studies? Look at the challenges you will face if you decide to become a full-time student and a full-time worker. 

  • Maintaining Your Schedule 
  • Balancing your attention 
  • No Time to Relax 

Top Advantages 

After looking at those challenges you might be discouraged, but there are great benefits you will have access to. These benefits don’t only include earning some money but can impact your future career positively. 

  • Gaining a qualification and a paycheck at the same time 
  • Applying your knowledge into a Practical Setting
  • Gaining work experience and training 
Two students sitting together looking up Jobs you can do While Studying.

How to get a Job While Studying 

As a student you might not have any working experience so you wouldn’t know how to get a job while you’re studying. That’s why you need our help. We have useful tips on how you can get a job while studying.      

Determine Your Goals 

Before applying for jobs, you have to know why you want to work. Do you need some extra money for school, or you just want some extra spending money? Write down a list of what you wish to achieve by getting a job. 

What do you Bring to the Table 

You don’t only need experience to get a job but you will have to work ten times harder than a candidate with experience. But what will make employers hire you? Dig deep and find your unique strengths and abilities. 

Create a CV

Your CV is your first impression on employers so you have to impress them with it. There are countless articles on how to write the perfect CV that you can use. Do your research and take your time to do it. Once you are done have someone look over it. 

Get Interview Ready 

If you make it through to the interview round, you should gear up and get ready. You can ace the interview without having work experience. Prepare by doing your research on the company and what their values and mission statement is. 

Local Jobs to do While Studying

You don’t need to work a high profile corporate job while studying. So don’t add that pressure on yourself. There are several local jobs you can apply for that will give you work experience and that extra income you are looking for. 

  • Retail
  • House sitting 
  • Baby sitting 
  • Gardener
  • Car washing 
  • Fast food server
  • Call center agent 

You can even look at making your hobby a job. If you are into beauty or nails you can become a part-time make-up artist or a nail technician. 

A student having a job interview after she found Jobs you can do While Studying.

What to Consider When job Hunting 

Looking for the job may be the easy part but you should keep a few things in mind while job hunting. No they aren’t any bad things but it will help you determine what kind of jobs you can apply for. 


Where you work and where you live matters a lot. You don’t want to spend most of your salary on travelling expenses. If you can, try getting a job in your surrounding area. 


How much you’ll get paid matters. You shouldn’t work for less than minimum wage even if you are a student. 

Career Relevance 

This might be difficult at first but try getting a job that relates to the career you want to be in. Your job should also be in line with your studies. 


School comes first until you graduate. You should make sure that your job doesn’t conflict with your learning but with a good study schedule and an understanding manager you can make it work. 


Besides a paycheck what will your job give you? Try getting a job that gives you the working experience you need once you enter the workplace. 

Work Hard – Study Harder 

With motivation and determination you can work and study. Contact one of our course experts to find out about the benefits of distance learning courses. 

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Last Updated: 13 June 2022