Jobs in Demand This Festive Season

Use the Summer holidays to your advantage by getting one of the Jobs in Demand This Festive Season. Your seasonal job could turn into a full-time job.

The holiday season brings along many festivities. And with it – many jobs. The hustle and bustle of the festive season creates opportunities for those seeking employment, or some extra spending money. Dive into one of Jobs in Demand This Festive Season. Who knows, it might be the start to a thriving career.

Jobs Hiring This Festive Season

While many industries close during the holiday season, for certain companies, it is their busiest time of year. They double up their staff in order to keep up with production, and to keep customers happy. Jobs in demand this festive season includes:

Retail jobs – Retails stores are packed to the brim with customers doing their shopping for Christmas and New Year. Employers need a lot of cashiers and clerks to keep up with the workload. 

Travel and tourism – Summer in South Africa is the best time of the year, and tourists want a piece of the action. With so many world class attractions, there are many jobs available in the tourism industry like tour guides, travels agents and consultants.

Customer service agents – This cheerful time of year also comes with a lot of stress.  Customer service agents relieve some of the stress this season brings. Offer a helping hand by getting a job at a call centre.

Waiter – During the holidays, people choose to treat themselves by eating out at fancy restaurants. Many restaurants hire waiters and bartenders to provide the best possible service to their customers.

Event planners – Lockdown brought the world to a stand still. But now people are rushing to the opportunity to host events. Become an events planner and you could become part of special occasions like Covid-19 weddings.  

Salon management – Salons cater to many clients during the festive season, with many customers wanting to be photo ready. Put your skills to good use by getting a job as a nail technician, make up artist or salon manager.

Three Female store assistants taking a break from their seasonal job. Find out what Jobs are on Demand This Festive Season right here.

Why it’s Easy Getting a Job During the Festive Season

For many industries, the festive season is also its peak season. The job demand during this time is always high. Wondering why getting seasonal jobs is easy this time of year? One of the reasons is due to production being high during this time. Other reasons include:

Most People are on Holiday

The busiest time of year is also the time where most people are on holiday. This means malls and outdoor activities are all packed with people who want to go shopping or go to holiday resorts and hotels.

Christmas Shopping

One of the easiest jobs to get this time of year is retail, with people shopping for gifts and decorations. This includes warehouses and suppliers who need to ensure that shelves are stocked for all the busy buyers.

Gearing up for the new Year

Out with the old and in with the new. Along with Christmas shopping, there are people who like building and painting their houses for the new year. This means industries like construction are also busy, helping people get a fresh start.

Back to School Supplies

Parents avoid the January rush for school supplies in December. With this in mind, factories making school clothes and store clerks creating window displays need extra help completing these duties. 

Summer fun

The bell has rung and school is out for the year. Parents need to keep kids busy with activities. A lot of malls have attractions like Winter Wonderland for kids to enjoy and need workers to set up and assist kids and parents during this time. 

Benefits of Working During the Festive Season

You might be thinking, who wants to work this time of the year. Everyone is on holiday and the weather is great. There are however, many benefits of working during December. These are: 

Earn Extra Cash – During the festive season, people tend to spend a lot of money. Get a job to ensure that you always have money in case of an emergency. 

Gain valuable skills – Communication and customer service skills are some of the sought after skills employees need. Gain these skills and more by getting a holiday job.

Stay Productive – For those who like keeping busy, getting a job is a great option. It allows you to stay busy during the bright summer days.

Add it to Your CV – Prove to employers that you are a reliable busy bee by getting a holiday job. This is a great way to gain experience and add it to your CV.

Get a permanent job – Even though these jobs are in demand during the festive season, these positions need to be filled all year long. A holiday job could lead to a permanent position.

How to get a Holiday Job

With many people trying to get a job during this period, the competition is tight. Make sure you land the job you want. Make recruiters rush to hire you by following these guidelines:

Update Your CV

Show employers that you have what it takes to keep up with the workload. Create a CV that will impress employers. You’ll be part of their team in no time.

Cover Your Bases With a Cover Letter

Stand out with an outstanding cover letter. Showcase your skills, strengths and previous work experience. It could help you secure a spot at the company.

Gain the Skills

So you want to have a holiday job but you don’t have the skills? No problem! We offer a range of courses you can study via distance learning. Our courses are designed to help you gain the skills in the most sought after careers.

Courses that will help you get a holiday job include:

Why Should I Consider Getting a Holiday job?

When everyone else is lazing around in the sun, you are working hard towards a successful future. Wondering if you should get a job this festive season? Here are some examples of who could benefit from a holiday job:

If you’re unemployed – Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get a job. These jobs are in demand, and need your services. It could lead to a full-time job.

Students – There are many effective ways to work and study at the same time. Make use of this opportunity. It will look great on your CV once you graduate and work towards a successful career.

Those who don’t have matric – There aren’t strict requirements when it comes to applying for holiday jobs. So everyone can apply. Here’s your opportunity to get a job without matric and experience

Anyone seeking a side job – So you’re already working but need some extra money? That’s totally understandable. Apply for a holiday job and earn the cash that will help you make ends meet this silly season. 

Turn Your Seasonal Job Into a Successful Career

Make the most out of this busy time of year with our amazing courses. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain new skills and upgrade your career with us. Contact our courses consultants for more details. You can:

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Last Updated: 17 September 2021