Jobs in Demand in South Africa

There are a lot of jobs available in SA. Yet there aren’t many people who meet the job requirements. Our courses will help you learn all the skills you need to get one of these jobs.

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What Does it Mean When a job is in Demand?


The term “jobs in-demand” might not be as straightforward as you might think it is. The common assumption is that jobs in demand means that there are a high quantity of jobs available in that specific field or industry. To some extent this is true. 

In-demand jobs also refer to the scarce skills in that field. This means that there are not enough qualified people to fulfil the job requirements of a specific field or career. So these positions are left open, and will be available till the need is met. This is why there is a high quantity of jobs available in certain fields.

Jobs in Demand


There are quite a few jobs available in a variety of industries. Not only is there a high number of jobs available, there are also the most sought-after careers that will most likely still have a high availability in the future. Below are some of the jobs in-demand in South Africa.

Financial Manager

Managing the finances and setting up budgets are some of the most important duties in a company. This determines whether financial goals are being met or if the company is running a loss. A financial manager is needed in almost all business. 

Software Engineer

As we move forward, the vast majority of our duties needs to be done on computers. And for each of these duties, a specific set of programs are needed. The need for software engineers comes from the high demands of various computer software and programs needed. A software engineer won’t be needed in every company, but the programs and data they create most likely will. Without these, we would be moving back into the stone age.

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IT Manager

It comes as no surprise that there are two IT professions in the list of jobs in-demand. With so many technological advancements, the demand for IT professionals are high. The careers are vast, from software engineers to web developers, and an IT Manager needs to oversee all of this.

Business Manager

No list of jobs in-demand will be complete without a business manager. For businesses to be successful, they need to be run in an effective way. A business can’t be run by just anyone. There are certain skills and qualities needed that will ensure that the company is a commercial success. 

Project Manager

Project Managers are needed in all industries. From architecture to events and marketing. The demand will always be high. There is a high demand as they oversee all projects, from the start to the end, ensuring its success. The success of the projects they manage directly impacts the success of the company. With so many industries to work in, this is a great career path to follow.

Our courses will help you gain skills for the Jobs in Demand in South Africa.


Things to Consider When Looking for a job


There are a few things to consider when looking for a job and starting a career. It’s not all about how much money you can make, but much rather if you are able to complete the work needed from you.  You also need to be passionate about the career path you would like to follow. If you’re not, you won’t enjoy the job you’re in and will always look for other opportunities. Other things to consider includes:

  • Finding a job that matches the skills you have. 
  • Studying further, building on those skills.
  • Considering the requirements of the job. You cannot apply for senior jobs with entry level skills.
  • Doing enough research on the industry you want to work in.
  • Making sure that the company teaches you the knowledge and skills you need to improve your career. 

Skills Employers Seek in Their Staff


There are a variety of skills employers seek from the people they are hiring. The skills needed are both technical and soft skills. So before you apply to the jobs in-demand, make sure that you have these skills needed to stand a better chance of becoming employed. Some of these skills include

  • Good communication skills
  • Computer skills
  • Interpersonal skills 
  • Organisational skills
  • Administration skills
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Be creative

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Last Updated: 2 December 2021