Is Freelancing Worth it?

Is Freelancing worth it during a pandemic? If you are looking to start your own freelance business, this question might have come up. Learn all about the pros and cons right here.

Looking for a new way to make a living? With the pandemic disrupting the way we live and work, many people are opting to get into freelancing. But is freelancing worth it during this uncertain time? Find out right here! 

What is Freelancing all About? 

In simple terms, freelancing is where a person works for themselves rather than for a company. While freelancers do take on contract work for companies, they are still self-employed. As a freelancer, you will be responsible for finding your own projects and setting your own hours. 

Is Freelancing Worth it?

Freelancing might sound fun and exciting, but before you get started, make sure you have all the facts first. That way you will know exactly what to expect right from the beginning. Here are some pros and cons of freelancing. 


Freelancers usually get to enjoy some freedom and a variety of perks. Below are just a few of the pros of freelancing. 

  • It’s Flexible – This is one of the main reasons why people start freelancing. You can create your own schedule and choose the hours you want to work. 
  • You can Pick Projects That Interests you – Whether it’s design, content creation or writing, you can choose to work on projects that you like. 
  • It Allows you to Work Remotely – Not an office person? As a freelancer, you decide where you want to work. 
  • Potential to Earn More – You usually get paid almost immediately once a project is completed. It’s also possible to work on multiple projects at a time and earn more.


As great as the advantages of freelancing are, it does have a downside. This includes some of the things listed below. 

  • Lack of Consistency – No two jobs are the same. Your clients will have different expectations and the hours you work will differ. 
  • You Always Have to Look for Your Next Job – Freelancers have to be proactive. Before you finish one project, you should have another lined up. 
  • It can Feel Isolating – Working on your own everyday can be challenging and sometimes demotivating. 
  • Lack of Company Benefits – If you are a full-time freelancer, you miss out on company benefits, such as medical aid and paid leave. 
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How to get Started as a Freelancer 

Getting started as a freelancer can be as easy as visiting a freelance site to find work. You can also try networking with people you know to help find your first client. Besides this, there are other factors you also need to consider before starting. 

Decide on the Services You Will Offer 

Do you want to offer general services in your field, or specialise in one area? An example of this is focusing on content writing or social media management within the marketing field. 

Identify Your Target Market 

Figure out if there is a demand for what you want to do. Your level of skills and experience can help you decide if you should work for big companies or smaller businesses. 

Pick Your Rates 

Setting the right rate can be tricky. You need to make sure that you’re getting what you’re worth while being attractive to clients. If it’s too high or too low, it might have the opposite effect. 

Create an Online Portfolio 

Build a portfolio that promotes you as a freelancer and the services you offer. LinkedIn is a great online tool to use for this, plus it’s free. You can also invest in a website or blog at a later stage. 

Market Your Services 

There are many low cost ways to market your services and attract clients. This includes networking on social media or offering a free consultation. 

A young freelancer working on a project. Find out "Is Freelancing Worth it?" right here

Popular Freelance Jobs 

Wondering what jobs are available for those who want to get into freelancing? Luckily there are a variety of fields you can choose from. Here is a list of some of the most popular freelance jobs in the world. 

Make Freelancing Worth Your While! 

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Last Updated: 29 January 2021