Is ABET Level 4 Equivalent to Matric?

Wondering is ABET Level 4 equivalent to Matric? Well read on below and find out what your higher learning options are and what level your certificate is.

Do you want to further your education, but not sure what you level you should study? It can be a bit confusing, but we are here to help. If you’re wondering if ABET level 4 is equivalent to matric, read on below and get all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Understanding ABET

Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) level 4 is a programme aimed at adults who want to further their education. Once completed, you will receive your General Education and Training Certificate (GETC) qualification. There are 4 levels of the GETC: ABET, with level 4 being the highest. 

Is ABET Level 4 Equivalent to Matric?

No, the GETC: ABET level 4 is not equivalent to matric. It is on the same level as grade 9, which is the NQF level 1. A matric certificate is equivalent to NQF level 4. Other qualification that are on the same level to NQF level 4 include:

  • Senior Certificate
  • National Senior Certificate (vocational)
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Can I Study Further With an ABET Qualification?

Don’t let your qualification go to waste. You can still study further with your GETC: ABET level 4 qualification. With it, you qualify to study matric courses for adults, granted you are 21 years and older. 

Other further study options available to you:

TVET Colleges

TVET colleges allows you to study further with your GETC: ABET qualification. Your studies consists of classes in which you will learn the theory side of your course. Thereafter, you need to complete practical training, which will teach you valuable workplace skills

Distance Learning

Want to study without matric? Well here is your chance. We offer a wide range of courses that will allow you to gain the skills you need to advance your career via distance learning. Use your GETC: ABET qualification to enrol in one of our:

Get Your Matric

Still keen on getting your matric? Great choice! Our Adult Matric Course allows you to study matric from the comfort of your home. No more night school! Register to study matric with us and you can enjoy the many benefits, as well as gain your credibility. It’s as easy as that.

Your Ticket to Higher Education

You’re never too old to get your matric and study further. With your determination and our courses, all your study goals are within your reach. Contact one of our course experts for more details. You can:

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Last Updated: 23 November 2023