Interior Decorating Jobs

Interior Decorating Jobs

When deciding which career path to take, you need to consider a number of factors. One of the most important factors is your likelihood of finding a job, as not all careers are in demand.

If you are creative, and would love to work in a job where there is flexibility and room for growth, then you might want to consider interior decorating.

There are plenty of interior decorating job opportunities, as new buildings are being constructed all the time, and need to be decorated by interior decorators. The interiors of existing homes and other buildings also need to be revamped from time to time. A career in interior decorating is unlikely to go out of fashion, and the job prospects in this field vary so much that there is something to interest anyone who is keen on this type of work.


Interior decorating job options

The journey starts with getting a qualification that equips you with all the knowledge and skills you need to attract employers and clients. While you study, it is crucial that you compile a portfolio of your work: interior decorating is a visual art, and people will want to see physical evidence of your abilities.

Once you are ready to step out into the job market, you can consider the following options:

    • Freelancing. You can work as an independent consultant, or you can start your own interior decorating business. Freelancing enables you to work directly with clients, instead of being allocated to projects by your boss.
    • Working in the Home Improvement section of a store. Department stores need interior decorators to recommend products to clients, as well as to advise clients on how to use the products they buy from the store.
    • Working as a journalist. You can write for interior decorating magazines, or you can even start your own magazine.
    • Working in television. You can host your own home improvement television show.
    • Teaching. You can present courses in interior decorating at a college.
    • Working as an interior decorator for a company.


If you would like to study a course in Interior Decorating, you can contact Skills Academy, and we will assist you in turning your dreams into reality.


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